26 Jun 2011

Birthday Presents (Haul 1)

Hey guys! Sorry I didn't post straight after Wednesday, I'll get to hat at the end. But first off, here are all the fashion related things I got for my birthday! : D

This is the ring you saw in this post. Mum bought it for me as something like a family heirloom starting with me. I love how it's delicate yet decorative. It had to be made to fit my right hand so as to avoid looking like an engagement ring haha.

 These earrings where from a friend. They're lovely but as they're 2 inch long studs, they're too heavy to sit right on my ears. So I'm going to changing them to dangly earrings when I can be bothered :P

 This is a present from a different friend; it's from New Look. I wore it in this outfit. It's small and subtle but quite nice :)

 This bracelet was found in Basildon from one of those one off shops that you only find in one place. I would intend to wear it on my wrist but sometimes it's hard to do up on my own, so I wear it on my ankle as well :) It makes a lot of noise when being worn!

 These were from my Mum. They're from Ribbon and Asher at Dorothy Perkins. I think they're cute and kinda gypsy-ish in a way.

 Do you remember the ring that did this to me? Well, it was this ring! But I still love it regardless. Usually I don't like long rings like this because they actually don't sit very nicely on your finger, but with this one it curves up at each end meaning it can fit over your knuckle, which I love.

 This was a present from another friend, which I was thrilled to get because I was amazed by the idea of being able to tell the time with my necklace. It's from New Look.

 Another present from a friend, from New Look (they know me well). I have one very similar but in red seen here, but I really wanted one with brown in it. Totally didn't hint or anything and yet my friend still managed to make a great choice!

 And these are the 5 pairs of shoes I got!

 The moccasins from my boyfriend that I took ages to decide on. Now - annoyingly - there are TONES of nice ones in the New Looks kids section (which fit me as I'm a size 3) and I can't get any of them because I already have a pair that I hardly wear because they rub like hell :(

 These are just a plain pair of brown flats from Tesco from my Mum. They're cool as a simple pair of flats, but they also rub.

 I'd had my eye on these for ages because I thought they were really pretty and girly, and very unlike me haha. Glad I got them but they also rub :(

 These are my size 2.5 fake converse. They're lovely and clean, and probably about £30 cheaper than real ones, however they also rub!

Finally a pair of flip flops because I only have 1 pair which I can't actually get past because I always have loads of everything. Haven't had the chance to wear them because it's been so cold.
So yeah, 4 out of 5 pairs rub, how annoying!
And that's it for what I got for my birthday :)

- Now, as to why I didn't post. Basically for one, this is the first time I've been on my laptop since my Wednesday waffling post. Some MAJOR drama occurred on Thursday which has been taking up my time for the last few days. Included in the drama was a scare that my holiday (which I fly out to this coming Saturday) was no longer going ahead because we hadn't had confirmation for our hotel and the person who's name the booking was under wouldn't sort it because they were dealing with the major drama. There was also a chance that 2 people were going to drop out. So I've been freaking out for the last few days. It's now kinda sorted. Still don't have a hotel but I know that it's being sorted, and everyone is going again.
I feel like I've spent the last month or so freaking out about different things! I need this holiday so bad.
I will bring you the next lot of buys either tomorrow or Monday! : D


  1. looks like you got some great things! Love the moccasins! x

  2. Ah HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you had a good day :) you got some great presents I see!

  3. Ballet pumps ALWAYS rub me too! I find that putting in these heal protector things stop them rubbing the backs of my heals, but they still always rub near my toes! I think I might just have wide feet... grr!


Thanks guys! :)