About Me

Name: Emma White
Age: 18
D.O.B: 21st May 1993
Lives: Essex, England

Education: I have just finished a National Diploma in Art and Design and I am moving on to an Extended Diploma in Photography in September.

General Info: I Can't Walk In Heels was something I started in October of 2010 under the name of Bloggy Wog. At first it was something used to ramble on about what happened to me on a day to day basis, but after reading a few 'outfit of the day' type blogs I ventured into that aspect and never looked back. Today my blog is under a different (and in my opinion, much better!) name, and my general content consists of outfit posts, photos of items I buy, compilations of items and outfits I love and the occasional product review all mixed in with stuff about my day to day life.

One thing my blog centres around is my shopping addiction. I think it's pretty accurate to call it that too. I cannot stop myself from shopping, especially when it involves a sale or some serious bargins! I hate spending a vast amount of money on one item, or in one go. My spend limit for clothes is no more than £30 on one thing unless it's shoes or coats. This is mainly because I don't think clothes are worth that much! And I like to make my money go the extra mile. 
I'm terrified of online shopping and to this day I have only ordered one item of clothing online, but it was something I had already tried on in store but they didn't have my size. So I guess it doesn't really count.

As for me myself, I love being in the company of people that talk a lot, and those that are willing to except I'm a bit crazy and just go with it. I don't like being quiet and hiding myself because I don't think others will approve. I enjoy talking to anyone, so send me a message or a tweet, or if you see me come say hi! : D