12 Jul 2013

Emma Louise White - Photographer

Hi guys! Just a quick reminder that this blog is no longer active.

If you would like to keep up with me you can follow me at my other blog

I hope to see you guys there supporting my work!

All the best,

10 Feb 2013

E White Photography

Hi guys! Remember me? I think it's been nearly a year now since my last post (around April 2012 I think).
I've kind of fallen off the radar for a number of reasons. Firstly, I'm lazy, but mainly due to my studies. In the end putting posts together became a chore and I wasn't enjoying it. It was a pain to take time out of my busy day to attempt to take photos in poor light and then put together a post.
This is the busiest I've ever been in my life. Literally this course takes up all the time that I'm not at work and sleeping. I don't even go out anymore, and currently haven't been to shopping in a month! (last time was xmas holidays)

But anyway, I wanted to do a post to let you guys know that the likely hood for this blog really starting up again is pretty slim. I have to put all my energy into my photography else I won't succeed in it.
I did however start up a photography blog, so if you're interested in following me there please do! It's E White Photography. It still isn't updated super regularly, but I update every now and then with shoots I do. It also has links to my facebook page and stuff which gets updated a lot.
So yeah if you'd like to follow my photography blog that would mean a lot to me! But otherwise my fashion blogging days appear to be over for now :(

29 Apr 2012

What I Wore This Week

1. Shirt - Miss Selfridge | Skirts - New Look | Belt - Primark | Boots - International
2. Sleeveless shirts - New Look | Skirt - Topshop | Necklace - Forever21
3. Dress - Topshop (old) | Tights - H&M | Boots - International
4. Lace top - H&M (old) | Shorts - Miss Selfridge | Necklace - Forever21 | Tights - F&F at Tesco
5. Blazer - H&M (old) | T-shirt - Primark | Necklace - Market | Gold jeans - New Look | Bag - Primark (old)

Hey guys! So here's what I wore this week! Not a photo from every day, as one day I wore a hoodie and leggings and there was a lot of outfit recycling due to me staying in London with limited space for clothes. Oh and I also forgot one day haha! But yeah, this is an easier way of me showing you the things I've been wearing. Sometimes it's difficult for me to do proper outfit posts (ie.being home at the right time of day for lighting) but I still want to show you some of the things I put together.
This won't replace outfit posts though! Just this week I had no time for taking any proper ones :( But I got a new wireless remote which I'm excited to use! Hopefully it'll make my photos a bit better :)

Follow me on Instagram! My username is emma_white93, same as my Twitter :)

25 Apr 2012

Wednesday Waffling 34

Hey guys! I'm back to doing Wednesday Wafflings, joy to you :) 
Not too much has really happened recently. I've started taking instagram photos of what I'm wearing each day to do a compilation at the end of the week, kind of like how people are doing their 'week in photos' posts (which I'm debating hopping on the bandwagon for) but with photos of what I've worn each day of the week (apart from today because I forgot). I thought it would be a good way of showing you outfits as I struggle to find the time to take proper outfit posts, but I still want outfits to be the main subject of the blog. So yeah, the first instalment will hopefully be this Sunday :)

On the subject of instagram, I got a new phone! I managed to upgrade to an iPhone and I couldn't be happier. Instagram was the first app I got. My username is emma_white93 if you're interested.

Now, the beautiful photo up there. I'm currently sat in my friend's flat on his Mac and thought I'd take a stunner on it. Turned out great! He's being lovely and making me a website for my online portfolio. It's one of my current units at college to promote myself and one way of doing so is by having a website so I've enlisted his help at the price of cooking him dinner. I'll show you when it's done and beautiful :)

Got an exciting weekend planned. Going up to London to celebrate a friend's birthday and going to some workshops at a gallery. Hopefully it will be lots of fun and informative. 

22 Apr 2012

LookBook Faves of the Week 2

Man Repeller by Lily. M

041212 by Tricia. G

Pale Blue by Petra. K

Pink Rainy Day by Iris. H

Carry Me Ohio by Flavia. D

Mustard by Chloe. T

So Bright by Kasia. G

Cross My Heart by Autilia. A

Here's a few looks that caught my eye this week on LookBook :)

20 Apr 2012

Something I'd Never Seen

Dress - In Love with Fashion
Blazer - New Look (old)
Belt - H&M
Necklace - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Hey guys! It's been about a month since I last did a post now, which is a bit crazy. Unfortunately college work got the best of me, but I got that all done, then headed straight out to New York for a week (which was amazing!), then when I came home we had family over until half way through the second week of my Easter holiday. When they went home, I kind of fancied just relaxing and not having to worry about doing anything! Now I'm back to college, and already I've had a tonne of work dumped on me (typical), but I'm going to start posting again. It may not be a lot, but I don't want to stop entirely :)

ANYWAY! This post features a dress from In Love With Fashion, the brand that you can find in Topshop :) I was lucky enough to win it through a giveaway Kim from Sweet Monday was holding (thank you so much!) and I couldn't have been more excited! I'd been lusting over this dress for ages but couldn't bring myself to part with the £48 (plus £4 postage) so when I won the giveaway I did a crazy happy dance and, yeah, was very happy. It arrived really quickly in the tiniest package. I didn't know a dress this big could be folded so small.
It's very long on me, but I'm 5"1 so everything is long on me. I have to wear my Lita's with it all the time. I also had to get Mum to take it up at the shoulders because the body was meant for someone longer than me. Apart from these complications, it's amazing! A beautiful colour, and it just looks so elegant. I definitely feel all flowy and feminine in it :') It also comes in loads of other colours, but probably won't be around much longer so I'd suggest getting in there quick if you've been thinking about buying one.
It's so nice!

I'm still gracing the pink dip dyed hair, but after a month of it I now want to do blue/green. First I have to get my hair trimmed and my highlights re-done, and then get rid of the pink. But I'm super excited for it! I quite like having crazy colours in my hair, considering I've never actually coloured my hair.

My good friend Carrie took these photos for me. I asked her because I didn't think my self-timer method would quite show off the dress the way I want. She also took the photo for my new (but not so new anymore) header! I'm so pleased with it. Thanks Carrie! :D

21 Mar 2012

Wednesday Waffling 33

Hey guys, quick post today as I'm shattered.
I've had an awful week at college and haven't been on my laptop since Sunday because I've been too tired and stressed. My deadline is next Wednesday and all my work has been going wrong. The last 3 days have been wasted because of it. Was ready to give up yesterday. 
I'm also going to Brighton tomorrow which originally would have been ok because my deadline was today, so I arranged the trip then my deadline got pushed back. Now it just adds extra pressure because I will be wasting valuable work time. 
All in all, I'm super stressed. Sorry if my posts slack because of it, but I just don't have the time to do any at the moment :(

On the up side, do you like my new banner? This one is actually my feet, and my own image (kindly taken by my friend). I'm really pleased with it!