25 Apr 2012

Wednesday Waffling 34

Hey guys! I'm back to doing Wednesday Wafflings, joy to you :) 
Not too much has really happened recently. I've started taking instagram photos of what I'm wearing each day to do a compilation at the end of the week, kind of like how people are doing their 'week in photos' posts (which I'm debating hopping on the bandwagon for) but with photos of what I've worn each day of the week (apart from today because I forgot). I thought it would be a good way of showing you outfits as I struggle to find the time to take proper outfit posts, but I still want outfits to be the main subject of the blog. So yeah, the first instalment will hopefully be this Sunday :)

On the subject of instagram, I got a new phone! I managed to upgrade to an iPhone and I couldn't be happier. Instagram was the first app I got. My username is emma_white93 if you're interested.

Now, the beautiful photo up there. I'm currently sat in my friend's flat on his Mac and thought I'd take a stunner on it. Turned out great! He's being lovely and making me a website for my online portfolio. It's one of my current units at college to promote myself and one way of doing so is by having a website so I've enlisted his help at the price of cooking him dinner. I'll show you when it's done and beautiful :)

Got an exciting weekend planned. Going up to London to celebrate a friend's birthday and going to some workshops at a gallery. Hopefully it will be lots of fun and informative. 

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Thanks guys! :)