22 Apr 2012

LookBook Faves of the Week 2

Man Repeller by Lily. M

041212 by Tricia. G

Pale Blue by Petra. K

Pink Rainy Day by Iris. H

Carry Me Ohio by Flavia. D

Mustard by Chloe. T

So Bright by Kasia. G

Cross My Heart by Autilia. A

Here's a few looks that caught my eye this week on LookBook :)


  1. Some perfect outfits here, I adore Autilia's looks! xx

  2. great post :)
    would love you to use some of my pics if you do another
    hope u can check out my blog


  3. Το δεύτερο το τέταρτο και το έκτο σετ είναι τ καλύτερα κατά την γνώμη μου. ρουχα μεγάλα μεγεθη


Thanks guys! :)