26 Jun 2011

Lakeside Buys (Haul 2)

This time I'm bringing you the things I bought on my trip to Lakeside. I always get excited to go there because of the massive Primark, but I always spend about 3 hours in there. Anyway, this is what I bought!

 We'll start off with this ring. It looks similar to some of the stuff sold at JWLRY so I was pretty excited when I found a whole tray of different ones in one of those one off family run shops. I was glad to find something so similar in person because I hate buying online as of course there's no guarantee that it'll actually fit. Even though all the rings to choose from in the shop were adjustable this was the only one that I liked that would actually go small enough. I'm really chuffed with it!
 This lizard ring is from Primark, and when I saw it, it just made me laugh so I had to have it. I find stuff like this quirky and fun and I love buying them. I swear I'm obsessed with animal jewellery!

 Here's my hat that you saw here, and a satchel I bought for when I start college in September. You may remember the one I bought ages ago here which was intended for college, but after using it for a while the fact that it wasn't structured became a big pain. I still wanted a satchel, so I decided to find a structured one and at first I didn't get much luck and the few I did find were quite expensive. I then found this one in Primark for £9 and had to have it for that price. The great thing about it is that it's going to be big enough to fit A4 books in, and have all the little zippy pockets and phones pockets inside that vintage ones don't have.

 Had my eyes on these for aaaaages! I featured the brown ones here but got the blue ones in the end because I'm going through a turquoise phase.

 This little bracelet from Primark again ties in with my turquoise phase and I like how it reminds me of stuff you buy on holiday. I HATED stuff like, but now I love all the bracelets and stuff. Will be wearing this on holiday!

 I got this embellished cuff from Primark because I don't really have anything in these colours and a smaller detail like a cuff would fit in more easily to my wardrobe. It's also great because it's flexible so I can squeeze it to fit my wrist :)

 These cuffs are from the shop the ring at the top is from. They're great because they're tiny, but elasticated! I don't have anything like them either so I was excited to buy them.

These jeans are from Primark and they were originally intended to become shorts, because I'd been after red denim shorts for AGES but hadn't found any (the Topshop ones showed my bum cheeks. No thanks) so me and Mum resorted to buying red jeans and making them shorts. In the end, I liked them way too much as jeans so they stayed this way haha.

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  1. The turquoise bracelet looks soo nice! Sorry, yes it came! Did I not reply to your email?! Ah I'm so disorganised :( also, to Harvester, yes, definitely go again!


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