17 Jun 2011

School Boat

Hat - Primark
Kimono Jacket - DIY (thanks Mum)
Dress - H&M
Necklace - New Look
Silver Bracelets - New Look (I think)
Silver Ring - Jewelers

- Hey guys! This is what I wore on Wednesday, well, minus the hat, but I would have worn it had I owed before Wednesday. I've wanted a boater hat for a while now ever since I tried one on in New Look as a joke, then quite liked it. The problem with them is that they can make you look like a school girl, especially the ones with black around them. I can't take that risk as I'm 5"1 and already look very young. But as this one was floral I got it, and for £4 it was worth it!
As you can see the kimono jacket is DIY. I had been looking for one for ages (ever since they came out) but none of my local shops had any, not even Topshop! But they've been all over the internet, but I don't like internet shopping. Anyway, in the end I decided to make one, and Mum found some lovely  Purpley/pink burnout material in the market. One day I got home from staying at someones and she'd made it for me! Good thing she did, because she said I wouldn't have been able to work with the material. The only thing I'm debating on it is the lapels. If they're taken off, it will just be straight down the front. What do you guys think?
The necklace was about £4 in the New Look sale, and the ring is an 18th Birthday present from Mum. It's gonna be a family air loom type thing starting with me! :)
This outfit is very different to the things I've been wearing recently, there's a lot more colour in it, but that's nice :) It's also very girly and summery. Just wish the weather would match up!

- It's been horrible here in Essex these past few days. For the last couple of weeks it's been really cold, but today and yesterday it just chucked it down with rain. It's really miserable :( It's especially draining because I've been feeling pretty gloomy these last few weeks as I've had no time to myself to relax; everything has been so rushed! I have one double deadline coming up on Monday, but I've also got the trouble of sorting out a sketchbook my teacher (that one that changed my exhibition) lost from last semester, and she hasn't given me a mark for it. She's trying to pin the blame on me taking it to uni interviews, but I've never been going to uni. Hopefully it'll all be over next week!


  1. That kimono is Beautiful and is one of the best Diy's ive ever seen on a blog :)

  2. This outfit is so pretty! I love the hat - and the jewellery is amazing. You have great taste in jewellery. Love the ring, especially. I am wearing my blue "princess" ring on my latest post - we stock them in our jewellery shop and it reminds me of Kate middleton's engagement ring. Bit togue in cheek! :)

  3. Love this outfit and that kimono is amazing, wish my mother could make me things like that! x

  4. That kimono is gorgeous! The material is really beautiful. I quite like the lapels, they add a nice touch to it, although I think it would look equally as nice without as the material is so pretty. Louise x x

  5. amazing outfit! :)

    your newest follower, Michelle

  6. new follower, great blog and lovely outfit! xxx

  7. ur so sweet dear,and i love ur hat and dres...I saw ur comment on my blog and thanks again,I followe ur blog,hope u'll follow back.....bye.have a nice day.


Thanks guys! :)