15 Jun 2011

Wednesday Waffling 7

- Hello there everyone! Do you like my new headband? I bought it today in the New Look sale in Southend for £1.50. Nice one! But yeah today has been super busy. I went into college at 9:30 to go hand in some work hoping to be back by 10:30, but I didn't get home till 11:30 which was bad because we needed to go to Southend to see the college's art exhibition. So we got there at like 12:30, saw the exhibition which was pretty cool then went to Primark because I wanted to return something and buy a large satchel for when I start college next term. We ended up staying in there longer than expected, and Mum still wanted to go look in M&S and it was all a massive rush because I needed to get home, fill in my holiday form (my contract at work got extended last night so I needed to book more holiday) then leave for work at 5:30. I just felt so sick, and I managed to hurt my back at work last night and I could feel it today. Plus they dragged me into doing another shift tomorrow night :( I'm also working Saturday night and might be going out in town on Friday. God I'm going to be so tired! Keeping Friday daytime to myself though.

- I never said thank you to everyone who took part in my giveaway. I was really pleased with the reception it got and I'm so grateful to everyone who entered, thank you so much! I'm planning on holding another jewellery based one sometime over the summer so keep your eyes peeled :)

- I have quite a few posts to do. I still haven't done a May Faves post, plus I need to photograph my birthday and lakeside buys. I also did some quick outfit photos today before changing into my work gear. I just need to get all the stuff sorted! I'm seriously hoping that by next week I can just completely relax. I just want college to be over so I can sleep all the time!


Thanks guys! :)