12 Jun 2011

The End is Near, I Think

- Hey guys! Today I went to a boot fair with my parents. I loved it! Even though I usually never find anything, I think they're great fun. But today I did buy something! This scarf was only 50p which I thought was great, and the magazines were 40p for both (Dad said I should have paid 35p haha). It was extra pleasing because it was raining and the boot fair wasn't as big as usual so the fact that I found something I liked was great.
I keep buying these types of scarves intending to wear them in my hair but I never do, maybe because I'm nervous about it. I'm the same with hats. I have quite a few but I never wear them because they draw a lot of attention to you and sometimes I don't like all the weird looks just because I'm wearing a hat. No one really wears hats or head scarves where I live.
I got the magazines because I've always played with the idea of making jewelery. My Mum has a load of the pliers and stuff from when she went through a phase, so I have some of the things needed. This watch bracelet caught my eye, I though it looked really nice. Generally I don't wear watches, I don't really like them, but I think how the image above combines a beautiful bracelet with a watch would really work for me. Maybe I'll try it over the holidays.

- This week has been crazy. My exhibition was on Friday and Saturday, and it went alright. When I arrived on Friday to the private viewing, however, my teacher came up to me and told me that she'd changed my design sheet. Basically she'd stuck something on top of something I'd written, which I wasn't too pleased about because she didn't even try and ask me, she just did it. The thing that really bugged me was that there was a massive spelling mistake on what she added. My project was about MACRO photography, but on what she added, in big letters, it said MARCO photography. I was so upset because basically, it made me look like an idiot; like I couldn't spell what my whole project was about. My Mum was furious.
I wasn't the worst off though, my teacher had also completely moved 3 peoples work about. I can't explain it, but it was ridiculous and insulting to them. People couldn't tell who's work was who. There was tears and very angry parents. It was a disaster really. I can't wait to be rid of the place.
I have a couple more less serious deadlines this week, and I have to take down the exhibition tomorrow. More and more stuff just keeps popping up. I thought I would be done by today, but I've found out there's more to do. Hopefully this week will be the end!


  1. love the scarf and i can't believe what your teacher did! good luck with the rest of your work, you'll be fine! x

  2. Lush scarf :) no one really wears hats and stuff down here either, which is a bit of a bummer. Omg I hate teachers like that!It's ridiculous that she did that! x


Thanks guys! :)