8 Jun 2011

Wednesday Waffling 6 and Giveaway Winner!

- Hey guys, sorry about being absent, I'll get on to that in a bit.
But first, I have a winner to announce! Congratulations to Sophie, you've won the necklace :) I will be emailing you after posting this! I used random.org to generate the result.

- Right, first off I'm sorry. I know I said I would announce the winner before this week, but remember my schedule? Well it got crazy. I've hardly been on my laptop. What's annoying is that when I get stressed, I'm always really tired and just fall asleep. Saturday was dedicated to college work, but I ended up sleeping the WHOLE day, and worked in the evening. Basically the work load got so bad, that last night I didn't actually go to bed. In fact, I went to bed at 10:30 this morning, and was awake for a total of about 25 hours. I only managed it because of my large bottle of energy drink, but at about 4am I was shaking so much it made cutting out things very difficult. I'm really glad I did it though, because I got that FMP DONE! Had to drive in at 8am to place my sketchbook in the exhibition before my teachers turned up to mark at 9am. Driving whilst on a caffeine high was weird because I noticed everything. Seriously, EVERYTHING. My eyelashes became far more apparent which was awkward haha. I still have work to do for other units, so this will all be repeating it's self soon enough, but for now I'm not thinking about it.

- Anyway, tomorrow I hope to go to town to do some retail therapy! And take the photos of my birthday and lakeside stuff to show you. Finally haha

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Thanks guys! :)