1 Jun 2011

Wednesday Waffling 5

- Hey guys! Sorry for being a bit quiet over the past few days, but I've been really busy. And just to warn you, this week and next look pretty full! My college work deadlines are next Monday, so I'm freaking out because I'm so behind and there's no chance of an extension. This is to prove to you that I am doing my work! Haha :) (if you recognise the photos in my book, they're from deviantART. I'm using them to show depth of field).

Monday I went with a friend to go look at gyms, and joined a gym (virgin active woo!), then had my weekly guitar lesson, Tuesday I spent most of the day making myself a skirt with Mum (will show you when it's done) then went to work, today I went food shopping with Mum, went to the gym for a class, then I've been working for the rest of the day, tomorrow I've got to do work, possibly go into college and have a gym induction, Friday I'm at work all day, doing college work and then going out for the night, Saturday is college work all day and Sunday morning I'm back down the gym then round my boyfriend's. Phew!
Next week I'm basically spending my whole time freaking out and setting up my final exhibition which opens on Friday, and Saturday to the public. Next Sunday is when I can relax and will hopefully have all the time in the world to get my blog on, and maybe a proper outfit post! Wooo!
Seriously very stressed though.

Also remember that my giveaway ends tonight at 11:59pm. The winner will be announced in my next post (most likely before next week), though it's very likely I won't be able to send the necklace until next week when I make a trip past a post office. See crazy schedule above :'(


  1. Hey girl found you while wandering on lookbook.nu.
    I love your blog and I am definitely following :)



  2. Sorry, wasn't sure where to post back?! You should do it, I spend hours on there browsing... It's so inspiring! I have Flickr but I don't get much time to take photos so it's not very good (http://www.flickr.com/photos/ninety2wo). I saw the link to your deviant art on there too, your self portraits are so beautiful!

  3. I hope i win that giveaway :D Your work looks very tidy by the way :) x

  4. seems like a busy week! good luck with everything!xx


  5. Good luck with everything :)
    your work looks great


Thanks guys! :)