28 May 2011

My New Sleeveless Shirt

Shirt -  New Look

- Hey guys! I'd been wanting this shirt for aaaages now, ever since it first came into store (well over a month ago) but I kept telling myself to leave it until later because I was sure it would be in the shop for ages. Well I went to check it out online the other day to find that only size 18's were left, which made me freak out because they only usually do that when it's gone into the sale or been discontinued. I was even more confused because they had loads of other colours, and this whole sleeveless shirt trend is still running strong.

So, yesterday I ran to my local New Look, found a white version and asked the assistant if they had any in black. She told me it had been discontinued :(
I then went into the children's section (I fit into their stuff) to see if they had one there, but no luck. I again found a white one and asked a girl in that section, and she told me that they definitely had some normal non children ones and she had put them out the day before. They were in the business section.
So I ran down there, and as New Look have started doing that annoying thing there they put 4 different items on one rail I had to hunt high and low, on each and every rail before I finally found some hidden at the back of one, in a corner. They only had sizes 12, 14 and 16, so I tried the 12 and it was actually an ok fit! I'm usually a size 8 - 10, but the 12 was baggy but didn't look like it was too big for me.
So I bought it! I'm so glad I found it else I would have cried. No where else in town does these things in black anymore, not even Topshop! 

I wore it out partying last night. I love it so :')

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  1. God I hate the panic when that happens! It happened to me last year with a River Island dress, but thankfully it came back in the sale which kinda made it even better. Really like your blog by the way :) x


Thanks guys! :)