26 May 2011

When Nothing Looks Right

 Sheer Shirt - Primark
Blazer - H&M
Trousers - H&M
Necklace - Ibiza
Ring - Dorothy Perkins

- Hey guys! So this is what I wore to one of my birthday meals last Thursday. I'm off to another one tonight with my boyfriend! Getting so lardy with all these meals, plus I got given tones of chocolate for my birthday. Not good, but I'm hopefully joining a gym soon with my friend :)

- I had so much trouble finding an outfit I liked for this meal. It was one of those days where everything you put on you hate. I must have tried 6 different outfits and in the end I got so pissed off that I'd basically thrown my whole underwear draw on the floor as well as all the failed outfits and everything that went with them. It was a total mess and I was very stressed haha. In the end I went with my little Primark coral shirt as a colour pop with black jeans, blazer and necklace. The ring is basically becoming my little staple piece. I always wear it!

- One thing I've noticed whilst being a part of the blogging and LookBook world is that loads of people hate wearing jeans. I honestly don't understand why because I love them! In the winter they keep my lovely and warm, more so than tights and leggings, just I love wearing them in spiring and autumn too. I just love them and don't get why people hate them. There seems to be particular dislike for blue jeans :'( Admittedly I don't wear them as much though. What do you guys think about jeans?

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  1. The shirt looks lovely (:
    and the outfit looks great

  2. You look lovely! I wear jeans quite often but dont ever photograph my outfits then, because I never feel like i look good when i wear them...you pull them off very well :-)

  3. that necklace is so nice! :)
    i admit, i never, ever wear jeans anymore! i used to live in my skinnies, but now i only really wear skirts and shorts. i put it down to my height, i'm really tall and just feel more girly in dresses and skirts than jeans i suppose!

    they look nice on you though, so maybe i should give them another try haha x

  4. 1. I love the name of your blog, I suck at walking in heels and no one ever blogs about that 2. Your blog is also realllly cute! 3. xo

  5. Oh my god I love that necklace, I want one! :)

  6. love the blazer.

    Helen, X

  7. I love the color of the top, and the blazer is lovely as well. So cute :)


  8. I love your shirt, & style
    nice blog



Thanks guys! :)