25 May 2011

Wednesday Waffling 4 (WARNING: Emo post)

- Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting, had a very busy weekend.
So, as you may, or may not know, on Saturday it was my 18th Birthday! Thanks for the birthday wishes (you did get the day right :P), I had a cool day and enjoyed clubbing for the first time. From what I remember I had a good time. Above is a photo of me as the first bar we went to. I was sharing the jug with the girl next to me, it wasn't all mine!
I got loads of cool stuff which I'll share with you soon :) I also went to Lakeside on Monday (first time driving on the M25!) so I'll show you my buys from there too. I also have an outfit post lined up for you tomorrow.

But yeah, my birthday was very good though one thing brought it down really. I was very upset that some certain people got me nothing, not even a card for me birthday. Some of them didn't even say happy birthday to me in person when they saw me! Apparently a facebook message is enough these days..... Now I know I sound bratty, but I'm only complaining because I got these people cards and presents for their 18ths (all conveniently before mine in the year), one of them I spent £25 on! But I get nothing back. I find it really rude and very hurtful. We're all supposedly 'friends' at the moment so I don't get why they didn't bother. I only expect as much back as I give. One person I did get anything for, so I don't expect anything, another I got a card and a small present, so I only really expect a card and a small present back. One of these people still has yet to thank me for the card and present I gave them, even though their birthday was a fair few months ago. The other really annoying thing about it is, this is possibly the 4th year in a row this has happened?  I get really upset every time I think about it, and I don't get why people always choose to do this to me.

But anyway! Had my last day at college today before my final exhibition in 2 weeks time. Seriously behind in the work area so I'm buggered! 
Also, don't forget about my GIVEAWAY!

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  1. Happy belated :)
    It makes sense that you should get something for your 18th I mean it is your 18th.


Thanks guys! :)