20 Jun 2011

May Faves

- Hey guys! I'm finally bringing you my favourite looks from last month. Sorry it's so delayed. There isn't really anything in common these looks have, but I love them all the same! I've been lusting after a hat like the one LLMLRS is wearing, but as it's 'summer' now the only hats about are horrible straw ones (99% of the time I hate straw hats, appart from the 2 I own). Maybe I'll be able to get one in winter...

You can find all these looks if you head on down to my LookBook faves :)

People featured in this post:

I don't have the blogs of the rest of the people featured :(


  1. Each of these are so gorgeous!



  2. Aww haha thanks so much for featuring me on your blog post! =) Such an honor. And I also agree that those people you featured have great sense of fashion!

  3. Very cute outfits! I love the belt and high waisted skirt look. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a lovely comment :)


Thanks guys! :)