25 Mar 2011

I Shouldn't Spend Money But.....

Tights - Topshop | Black Sleeveless Shirt - New Look | Wooden Bead Bracelets - New Look | Flowery Satin Clutch - New Look | Printed Knotted Top - New Look | Brown Stripped Sleeveless Shirt - Topshop |

- Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted but I have a deadline tomorrow (today really, it's 2am) and I've been working towards that. I just thought I'd show you the stuff I'm interested in at the moment on the highstreet websites as I don't have any photos to show you. I really love the topshop stripped shirt that was out last season and I wish I'd bought it! It's not on eBay (and if it was, I wouldn't pay the stupid Buy Now prices some are set at) so I'm a bit bummed that I missed out but I can still look at it online I guess! I also LOVE the flowery clutch bag, but at my local New Look they only sell an ugly animal print one :( I'm into these sleeveless shirts that are getting quite big and I wish they were in more shops. It's only New Look, which only appear to have black or white, and Topshop which is expensive. Finally I'm thinking about getting these suspender tights. I already have 2 pairs, another pair from topshop with a different design and a pair from Primark, the thing is I'm afraid I look like a whore in them and I think the scallop top and the hearts make this design look a bit more innocent. I think I'd have to buy them online though and again they weren't on eBay for cheap :(

- I was gonna take photos of my party outfit from Saturday on Tuesday, but I thought I should probably do some work instead. I'll try to take the photos this weekend! I also went out for another meal today with the same people from last Thursday. We went to Pizza hut and it was really yummy! I had pasta, and then that really nice melted cookie thing for pudding which was amazing! It was nice to go out again as like I said, I have no social life outside college and my boyfriend which is sad. 

- Tomorrow I'm going into town with my Mum after my half day at college to try and find birthday presents for my Dad! It's his birthday next week, and then the day after my Mum goes into hospital for her operation. If you were following me in December you might remember my Mum got really ill and spent a lot of time in hospital and it's only now that she's finally got her op date! It took a lot of chasing up with the help of patient support lines because the hospital wouldn't take her calls. In the end she got transferred to our local private hospital instead of the NHS one but she doesn't have to pay! She won't get private treatment, but hopefully she'll have a nicer room and get treated better. But in light of that, I don't know how my updates will be from the end of next week. IF the op goes well then probably nothing will change but if she gets ill I don't know. We'll see but I'm hoping for a smooth procedure so my Mum can finally get better!

- Today at college we got to do a life drawing session with a female model. I really like life drawing because it pushes you to think more about the shapes than making the drawing perfect. I'm also not at all bothered by a nude person standing in front of me, especially a female because we both have the same things, and I'm fascinated by the female form. Like, all the curves and the smooth lines. I'm not interested in women at all, but I like to draw curves and hips and stuff. I'd feel weird drawing a man, probably because it's not something I'm used to. But, a lot of the people in my class were really phased by having a naked person in front of them. 
If you had to do life drawing, how would you feel about it? Would it bother you or would you be fine with it?

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