22 Mar 2011

Monday Monday Sleepy Monday

T-shirt - Pull and Bear
Shorts - New Look
Cardi - H&M
Leggings - H&M
Robot necklace - Topshop (via eBay)

- Hey guys! I'm doing a proper post today! I'm sorry about my last one, and I don't want to portray myself as a drunked because my contact with alcohol is probably once a month or less. That's not who I am. I did think the photo was funny though.... :P

- Anyway! This is something I quickly put on today as I had a guitar lesson so I couldn't stay in my jammies :( I kinda thought it through though so it wasn't totally thrown together. The cardi is something I bought back when I went to London with my Mum but it's stayed in it's bag with it's tag on until today haha. I'm really bad for doing that with clothes. I do quite like this outfit though, I think maybe next time I could wear some pretty tights instead of my leggings to make it a bit more interesting. It's very comfy so I think it would work for a lazy-ish day.
I also LOVE this necklace! I saw the earrings of it in the Topshop sale last year but one of them was missing an arm and a leg so I didn't get them. Then I found this on eBay a few weeks ago and had to have it! Plus I got it for half the price so I was really happy. When he came in the post I couldn't help but laugh because he's so funny :)

- If you guys have LookBooks or post your outfits on your blog, do you wear those outfits often? Or do you tend to forget about them? I sometimes forget about them which is a shame, like the last time I wore this t-shirt I really liked the outfit but I forgot about it so I haven't worn those clothes together since.


  1. I am soooo in love with that bambi shirt, and it is paired so well with those shorts. Great outfit!
    && in response to your question, I only post outfits on my blog and lookbook that I wear on a regular basis. I like portraying my real style, rather than just a style that I put on for a picture (like I know many people do). I think it is nice to see people's personalities through their styles. :)

  2. You are gorgeous! I love everything about this outfit.

    KF x

  3. love your quirky style.

    follow me??


  4. That top is so cute! Love this look :)



Thanks guys! :)