26 Mar 2011

Lets Go!

Top - DIY
Shorts - DIY
Cardigan - Primark
Nails - Green Envy from Avon

- Hey guys! Quick post today as I'm about to go round my boyfriends to stay the night :) Gonna play lots of pokemon haha. This is something I quickly threw on today as I went round a friends to sort out a holiday this summer woo! I designed the print on the top from scratch for a party and then tranferred it onto the top, I was very pleased! The shorts were some old jeans from Primark that I turned into shorts.

- It's suddenly turned cold again after some very hot sunny days which is a shame. I want the warm weather back, it was so nice!
Anyway hope you all have a lovely weekend! xxx


  1. love your top!




  2. firstly...
    THAT TOP IS AMAZING you should make and print them and start your own buisness! when i saw diy written next to it then.. i was like.. omg where is this shop?! i need to find this shop called diy. you fooled me! its well sick!
    ahhh fake tan is the best isnt it?!
    because ive been ill i cant be arsed wearing it so i'm really pale and yak feeling! but i noramlly use xen tan whcih lasts a week.. which is literally THE BEST TANNING PRODUCT EVERRRR it smells really nice and really easy to rub in your skin and doesnt streak!
    and yeh.. i am in a office, i work in a call centre and everyone is like 25 and under so its a proper laugh and we get to wear out own clothes and sit on facebook all day.. so atleast its not major effort!

    your hair looks gorge as per!

  3. You look so effortlessly cool! You should be a model :)

    The Flower Girl


  4. You look gorgeous! I really love this outfit, it's simple but still amazing! Your hair is so beautiful! (:


Thanks guys! :)