28 Mar 2011

My Pockets Are A Bit Lighter

(1) Blazer - H&M
(2) Necklace - Topshop
(3) Brown Wedges - Primark
(4) Blue Wedges - New Look

(1) Hey guys! I went into town today with Mum to do some bank stuff and of course we couldn't not go round the shops. We only went in Topshop and H&M as we spent a while in the Thorntons cafe (which was very yummy. I love their hot chocolates!). I had to resist the sale in Topshop because in there I can spend about 30 mins - 1 hour just in the sale. I tried on a few things including this dress. I really like it, and it was alright on but it needs a belt. I dunno, I liked it, but it didn't make me go wow, but I can't stop thinking about it. I tried it because I really like the whole hippie native american tribal indian trend going on at the moment. You know, all the crochet and fringing and feathers and dream catchers and stuff. I really love it! I also tried on a crochet dress in the sale just to see, and it looked very silly. Mum was very glad I didn't like it haha. I also saw that a necklace I had liked was now in the sale; it was half price but had no original price sticker or bar code on it, and it was the only one so in the end I got it for £5! Very pleased. It looks so much better in person though because the gold beads sparkle but that didn't show up in the photos :(

(2) I had been looking for a nice, if possible shaped black blazer for ages. I wanted one the same length as my Zara one because that length makes it look more casual in my opinion, short ones look very smart. The only place that seemed to have black blazers was H&M but they were either really short or very long and disgustingly shapeless! But Mum spotted this one with very pale pink lapels tucked in a corner so I tried it on and it's the perfect length, it's also slightly shaped so I thought bugger it and bought it. You know how it is in H&M, if you don't buy it then and there you'll never see it again (happened so many times to me). I was relaying on New Look to bring out nice blazers like they did last year, but they haven't :/

(3) Finally I'm showing you some of my London purchases! I really love these two wedges because I don't have any summery heels and I find wedges easier to walk in, especially with massive platforms. The brown ones were a very nice find in Primark, but they were £18 which I thought was a bit steep for there.... but oh well. They're lovely to walk in - so easy! I wore these to the Saturday party that resulted in my post about being drunk. I'm still planning on photographing that outfit I promise!

(4) The New Look ones I had spotted the previous week with my friends but in a different colour. The colour I originally liked looked poo, so I tried these ones on and really liked them so I got them else I would kick myself for leaving them again. The New Look in town doesn't do these heels, let alone in a 3! (3's are impossible to find in New Look now which I'm annoyed about). I really like them, but I'm starting to wonder if they're just too high for me. I think if I wore them out they'd hurt my feet pretty quickly which sucks. I really want to keep them though, but if I won't wear them then it's a waste of £20.
For some reason after wearing them around the house for about an hour, my toes have left permanent marks :S

Anyway, hope you all had a good weekend! <3


  1. wow love the blazer so gorgeous x


  2. I love the last heels, soooo cute!


Thanks guys! :)