30 Mar 2011

Illness. Whoopie!

- Hey guys! Just a quick update to let you know that I've managed to get ill! It's only a nasty cold, but it's not nice to be constantly blowing a sore nose, and today I've started coughing too. I've been having hot and cold sweats, and I was devastated last night when I ate a jafa cake bar and it tasted horrible. Damn you cold!
I prepped myself up to take photos of that party outfit today (I'm wearing the dress above) but when I got home it was raining so I couldn't take decent full body photos. Typical!

- My Mum goes into hospital tomorrow so it's gonna be a bit tense. Please forgive me if I don't do any proper posts till next week because really, all I'm doing is being an ill slob at home and then I will be looking after Mum so there won't be much to share with you guys. I'm hoping that it goes well for her though. She's gonna feel like crap when she comes around, but we're just hoping the op goes smoothly and that she has an easy recovery.

- On a happier note, I haven't forgotten about that giveaway! I just need to get it all weighed and stuff so I know how much it will be to post. Just a warning, I will only be shipping to the UK. I also soon hope to set up a small blog shop. At first I'll be selling some of my shoes (I'm a UK 3) because I've got a load of them to clear! 
I'll try and do an outfit post for you soon when I feel a bit less groggy, but I've got to go into town either tomorrow or Friday to get Mum some Mothers Day stuff.
We shall see what happens, I'm hoping the week goes well but please expect me to possibly disappear for a few days.

Much Love (and  a big hello to my new followers!) 


  1. dudeeeeeeee get well soooon! lucky me has managed to get my cold back!! i need some antibiotics to kick it up this arse. its gone on for 3 weeks now! I WANT TO CRY! i hope your mum is ok tooo :( i know howt is looking after someone! like when my mum was in hospital.. its awful :(
    have a week off blogging! thats what i did.. felt great actually! like i wasnt goin in work or something...
    big huge hugs darlin

  2. ahhh get well soon, dont worry about not posting frequently everyone deserves a break!

    Hope everything goes well with your mum, is she okay yeah? :)



Thanks guys! :)