8 Apr 2011

March Faves!

All looks can be found in my LookBook Faves under the Hypes tab

- Hey guys! I'm back, but more on that in a bit. Over the last month we've seen millions of shorts because it's FINALLY getting warmer (super nice in England atm, I got burnt today though haha), and a native American style, feathers and all trend as come into it's own. At first I hated all this crochet stuff, but now I love it! And fringing and feathers and everything. I wanna be a hippy indian : D I haven't seen much crochet I like being put into action though, which sucks :( 
I also love all these sheer shirt/shorts combos. I still don't know what I think about sheer shirts though, because I'm on the fence as to whether I think seeing someones bra is trashy or acceptable. Personally I'd wear another top underneath the shirt.
But yeah these are some looks that caught my eye in March.

- Right so I took a week out which was really nice. I'm was pretty much better by Thursday, and my Mum's op went alright. Not to plan, but there were no serious complications. She's recovering well, but just finds it hard to stand up and sit down, because her stomach muscles have been cut apart so she has limited strength. She's getting her staples out next week!
Also, I had my M&S training all day monday and tuesday, and last night. I'm part of a new late night fill team that's been brought in by a new store manager. Unfortunately she's also brought in productivity which means I have targets, like I should be able to put out a rail of possibly 100 singles in 10 mins. And I'm shit at that stuff! Everyone seems really nice though, and will be understanding for the first few weeks so we'll just have to see :) 
So yeah the last week has been pretty busy. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things though.


  1. I can't even pick a favorite, all of those outfits that you chose look stunning! xo

  2. Sounds like a very busy week.. I like so many of the looks you chose, Madeline from Los Angeles is always stunning, and so I think she is my favorite of all that you chose! I hope you have a great week!!


  3. hello sweetie! glad your mums ok, hope she recovers quick and isn't in much pain big hugs darling :) xxxx
    im the same with sheer.. i feel a bit of a tramp when i have my bra showing.. but thats just me.. i hate having any sort of cleavage on show either! im like a prude! but i just hate lads looking at you like yummy yummy.. ewww
    hope you enjoy your new role. sounds pretty cool, atleast you will be away from customers! come on girl you have ten minutes! go go go! xxxxxx


Thanks guys! :)