18 Jan 2011

Foto Frenzy! I Just Keep Buying

Ok so I keep telling you I'm going to show you all the stuff I've bought, and then don't, so here's everything I've bought in the last few weeks.
First up is my new satchel you saw in my last outfit post! I've had it for a week or so now and I love it. Some of you may have seen it in New Look, and you may have seen it in tan. I was originally going to get that colour, but I was trying the two with what I had on and unfortunately tan didn't look too great :( Bye bye mulberry alexa dreams. Oh well, I love it like this anyway :)

Next we have stuff from when I went to Primark! This visit was pretty disappointing. The shop was more of a mess than you would expect, mainly because they still had tones of sale stuff everywhere, so shopping was difficult. I ended up getting the scarf pictured which is apparently pure silk. I figured I could tie it around my head or neck. And I got the two belts which have lace detail on them. Very pretty :)
I also got some knickers which you don't need to see, and another belt that I'm going to use for college work.

Sorry for the fuzzy photos ^^;
The dress is actually the oldest thing I'm posting. I got it last December (not too long ago really). I saw it in H&M and thought it's nice, if I don't buy it now I'll never see it again. The lace on it is really nice.
The jumper is something my Mum bought for me from Matalan the other day. You know all those kinda holey jumpers that have been about this winter? Well I've only just started liking them as all the shops are getting rid of them, but this one is rather nice :)
Thanks Mum!

 I was so lucky to get this dress! It was one of those things where you keep looking at it and telling yourself you'll get it later. I bought it last week, as I'd looked at it online only to find that the normal size had gone out of stock and only the petite version was left, so the next day I rushed down to Topshop to see if I could find it. I asked the shop assistant and they said that it was gone as it was A/W stock. I was a bit miffed that I hadn't got it when I saw it, but I looked around the shop anyway. When I was in the petite section, I found 3 of the things tucked away behind other clothes! A size 12, 8 and 4. I'd tried the size 8 on in regular and it was too big (it comes up a bit big in the sizing) so I thought fuck it and tried on the size 4 which amazingly fitted! So I bought it and I'm very pleased :)

The boots on the left are from New Look. I'd had my eye on them for a while and had phoned around a few shops in the area to see if anyone had a size 3 in them. Of course no where did (New Look used to be great for size 3's!) so I had to order them online. Annoyingly I couldn't get my student discount online because you have to have an NUS card, so I bought them for full price (£34.99). I ordered them at about 1am last Tuesday, and I went online to look at them Tuesday evening to find they had gone on special offer of £24.99! So I was pretty pissed. When they came, they were great but I took them into my local and asked if I could return and then re-buy them and use my discount after explaining what had happened. The girl very kindly let me and I got them for £19.99 in the end! Result!
The other boots are from Diechmann. Me and Mum were wondering about in the shop when I saw these and tried them on for a laugh, but we both ended up liking them so I bought them! I don't have any boots like them so I was pleased. I think I'm gonna do a day at college in them tomorrow and see how I go :)

Now on to what I bought today! I've seen these little head....things (not sure what they're called!) popping up in shops. They're meant to go on your head like so and they've got a bit of very bendy wire inside them. Personally I think they're genius! This one is from New Look (again). They don't have many designs, just this, another flower one very similar and a leopard print one. I really like it plus students get 20% off at the moment!

These sunglasses are also from New Look (about 60% of my stuff is from that shop). They'd just brought a load out so I started trying them on for fun and liked a few pairs. I already have another aviator pair but I think I'll be using sunglasses as more of an accessory this summer so I bought these two. Again with the 20% off :)

Last but not least we have this top from Pilot. I was going in there to buy a plain black top, same cut as this, with 'AWESOME' written on it, but they'd gone out of stock D: So saddddd :(
So I saw this one and I liked the message on it and it was only £5 (from £30, wtf?) so I got it. I plan on cutting the hem a bit so it doesn't drop down as much at the sides.

Finally I thought I would share with you what I've done to my nails. On tumblr last night I searched nails and saw loads of cool things come up. One photo was of polka dot nails! So I thought I'd try. They look pretty pants but I'm still happy :) The black dots have been done in eyeliner.
I also saw a photo of panda nails! I can't wait to try them out :)

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