30 Apr 2011

Everything I've Bought Over The Past Month

Hey guys! I'm so sorry I haven't updated much! I shouldn't have taken a break from blogging, I've gotten out of the habit :( One thing you need to know about me is that I'm SUPER lazy with everything. Sometimes instead of typing I prefer to just stare at facebook. Lame I know. I wish I couldn't procrastinate, it would save my life from constant stress.
But anyway, you know I kept telling you about how I'd been to town and I was going to show you stuff I bought and never did? Well, now I'm gonna show you it all! : D
Beware, there's lots of pictures!

Left - Primark
Right - New Look

So recently I've mentioned that I want to be a hippy Indian, well these help me do that! I've been loving all those crochet waistcoats that have been about, but I hadn't gotten round to buying one. I loved this one from New Look, it's quite short but the colour is nice. I like the pattern too :)
Then when I went to Primark a few Sundays ago I saw the dark brown one and had to have it! The New Look one is very pretty, and the Primark one is just completely Indian to me haha.
I love them both but I haven't been able to wear them yet, mainly because the warm weather was gone not long after I got them :(

Both Tops - Primark

These were also bought when I went to Primark. The idea was that I would cut them into fringed crop tops, but when I got them home and tried them on they were VERY long. I'm now not cutting up the brown one, because I'd loose the design, but I'm still cutting the white one :) When I get around to doing it i'll show you. I think it'll be perfect for summer!

Fringed Top - New Look
Skirt - Wallis

I'd had my eye on this fringed top for a while, but was putting off buying it until I toned up. In the end I bought it anyway and I turned out it's long enough to cover my stomach so I was pleased :)
I got the skirt about a week ago. There was a 30% off deal and me and my Mum just picked it up on a whim, tried it on and we both really liked it! It's a long skirt, so we did of bit of Goking and the plan is that I will wear it as a dress with a belt around. I'm really pleased and it looks so nice and summery! Can't wait for the warm to come back so I can wear it :)

Earrings and Ring - Dorthy Perkins

I bought these at the same time as the skirt. I've wanted some earrings like this for a while now, because I have a brown and gold pair but my ears keep reacting with them so I need to chuck them. These are the perfect replacements!
The ring was something my Mum had told me about and I loved it! I just think it's really cool :)

Earrings - Matalan
Socks - Topshop

My Mum brought these earrings home about a week ago and they're amazing! Do you remember my robot necklace? Well these guys match EXACTLY! I'm so happy Mum got them, because now I can wear a whole robot family! Haha :) They just make me laugh so much. I wore them to college and showed all my friends!
The socks are something I've been thinking about for well over a month now. I wanted to get them from Primark, but never saw them so I just got these ones. My main concern is that my thigh is going to be too big and just bulge out, because topshop is pretty small.... so I'm gonna try them on, and if they're not right I'm gonna try and make it look like I haven't worn them and take them back haha. I hope they fit though! I like over the knee socks...

Ring and Earrings - Both Wallis

Finally, these were something I bought today, again from Wallis. I spotted the ring and was trying it on when Mum came over with the earring from the sale! I decided to get them because I think they're different and in a way elegant. Unfortunately the ring is a tiny bit big now that's I've taken the elastic fastening off, but oh well, it's the same with 90% of my rings!

Just thought I'd show you this because I find it a bit funny. 
You know how these days rings are tied to the bit of plastic with a hair band type thing? And you know how you can take the hair band off to try the ring on? Well, I'd taken one off to try on a ring, and then when I tried to tie it all back up again I couldn't do it. The metal bits of the hair band were very stubborn and wouldn't go back through the small holes. In the end I did it, but it hurt my fingers a lot!
I carried on around the shop, and only when I looked at more jewelery did I notice that my thumb was bleeding. This is what that damn hair band did to me! They look small (and they are) but damn do they sting!
My Mum bought me the ring for my birthday in the end haha.

- On another note, I think I need to do some explaining about that promised giveaway. It is still planned! However, my aim was to actually start it when I had lots of stuff to talk about, so I could make lots of blog posts. And, as life has been going, I don't really have much to talk about. Plus I'm too lazy/busy to take photos for outfit posts (I'm VERY busy next week, what with work, college, social life and parties) so I can't really post about much.
When I have lots to say, I'll make the giveaway. Thanks for being so patient! <3

That's all for now, I'll try and do something interesting to tell you about soon haha :)
Much love 

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