4 May 2011

April Faves

You can find all these looks in my faves on Lookbook. Follow the link and click the HYPES tab

- Hello again everyone! So it's a new month and it's time to show you some of my favourite outfits from April :) The legs definitely came out in full force last month with shorts and skirts ruling the roost. There were a lot of neutral and bright colours about which I love! I'm really into brown and have been for a few months now. I'm very glad about that because I always used to gravitate to black, now I always pick brown :) Though I do feel my outfits need to be brighter, but I'm just not sure how to fit bright colours into my wardrobe. I'll work on that one!
I totally LOVE the mint green skirt, the yellow blazer and the dip dyed dress on the top row. I really want those items in my possession.
Someone you might notice pop up a few times is Madeline. I started following her blog a month or so ago and I love seeing all the outfits she comes up with! I'm always interested to see what she pairs with what and I think her outfits are very clever.

- I'm gonna start trying to do one of those weekly post type things. Like, Lily does Sunday Portraits and Zoella does Someday Summaries. I think it's a great way to make myself post about something so I'll at least be posting once a week. I'll probably talk about stuff that's been happening, or ask you guys questions and stuff. They won't be very focused on the images but more on what I'm writing. I'll probably take a few funny photos of myself so it's not bare :) I'm thinking of doing 'Wednesday Wafflings', because it made me laugh when I thought of it, plus it's nearly Wednesday! (Well, it technically is now haha)
I already know what I'm going to talk/ask in my first post :)

So until then! <3

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