22 Apr 2011

Barry M Nail Effects!

Barry M Nail Paint in Shocking Pink (272)
Barry M Nail Effects in Black

- Hey guys! look what I did today : D I had spotted that Boots were doing 3 for 2 on all their makeup so I couldn't resist. I'd wanted some pink stuff for my lips for a while, and I got what I wanted :) Plus I got some Dazzle Dust from Barry M too. I might show you all of them soon, or just wait and do a makeup review.
But yeah, I also got some Barry M nail varnishes. I'd seen about this nail effect thing, and thought I might give it a go. I think it looks pretty cool! Very distressed and grungy. Basically, the polish works by drying REALLY quickly making it crack. It all happens in under a minute, so don't leave the lid off the bottle else it might dry up!
You can only apply one coat, and the thicker the coat the less it cracks. For example, see my middle finger? There's lots of little cracks and small bits of black. That layer was quite thin. The others were all a bit thicker. I think it's very effective though :)

- I did a tiny bit more shopping today as I went to Outfit with my Mum. I got a ring, some earrings and a skirt that I will wear as a dress. I'll show you at some point haha. Also yesterday I went to town with a friend to get her some birthday presents, and I ended up getting my shoes for myself too! I'll show you them at some point too..... I think I'm gonna have to have a massive photo heavy post with all this stuff I've bought!

- I'll probably be absent over the weekend, as I'm going to a party tomorrow night, then spending Sunday night at my boyfriends. So I hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend! Don't eat too much chocolate (though I probably will) and lets hope it's amazingly sunny still :)
Don't forget your sun tan lotion!
Much love <3


  1. love this effect but still haven't tried it myself! can't wait to see your new buys :) x

  2. Wow! Those are amazing! I'm so useless with my nails!

    The Flower Girl



Thanks guys! :)