20 Apr 2011

Honey, I Live In A Coral Reef

Sheer Shirt - Primark
Shorts - Miss Selfridge
Necklace - Topshop
Wedges - New Look

- Hey guys! How are you all? I come baring a new outfit post :) Taking these photos took two days in all. I started on the evening that I got the shirt, decided I didn't like the photos so took some more the next day which turned into an all day affair! I ended up taking more photos of my necklace though haha. When I do outfit posts I usually take between 30 - 50 photos, because I'm not all that great on varying my poses. As you may have noticed by now, my signature pose is doing something with my hair and looking down, but that's because I think I look the least awkward/pissed off when I'm doing that haha. I don't think I could take 300 photos, they'd all look the same!

- Anyway! On to the outfit :) So the shirt is a very new buy from Primark. I drove to Basildon on Sunday with Mum and Dad because I wanted to pay the shop a visit (I had heard that they have some pretty cool stuff at the moment!) and this was one of my buys :) At first the sleeves really pissed me off, how they stick out but I really liked the shirt so I bought it anyway and now they don't bother me :) I'm also glad that, even though it's see through, it's not completely see through if you get what I mean. Like, I wore a nude bra with black detail on it underneath and you couldn't clearly see it so that's a plus. I'll show you my other purchases soon along with the things I bought from town last week. I'm rather pleased with them :)

- I did a photoshoot today with a few friends. One of them has made a wedding dress (well, the skirt of the dress) for her A Levels and she needed photos so I took some and my other friend modeled, and HER friend did the makeup! It was really fun because we went out in the sun and it was lovely. I'm really pleased with some of the photos too. I might show you if my friend's let me :)

- Finally, a big hello to my new followers! Much love <3
I'm off to bed now as today has been VERY long but lots of fun :) Work is tiring though :(


  1. i love your hair!
    Soooo nice :-)

  2. iyahhhhhh! looking lovely today emma!
    LOVE YOUR HAIR like that!
    when i can be bothered to take pictures for an outfit post.. i normally do about 30 pictures then i get bored and just pic the best of the bunch.. i do all sorts of weird poses.. and actually i'm rubbish at it! haha
    defo enjoying the sun tho. amazing!

  3. I love these pictures, you look really pretty :)
    I want that shirt!


Thanks guys! :)