2 Aug 2011

I Am Cave Woman

Cape/Shawl thing - River Island
Sleeveless Shirt - New Look
Skinny Jeans (with belt) - Primark
Necklace - Miss Selfridge (sale)
Nails - Avon Blue Shock & Barry M Black Instant Nail Effects

- Hey guys! I actually wore this last Friday, but I had to re-create it because I just love this outfit so much. Firstly, I'm gonna talk about the leopard print beauty. So, Lakeside's stock is ahead of the stock in Chelmsford, what's in their sale is what's new in stock in town. When I saw this with my friend Carrie, it was at first a joke, one of those things that you go 'Oh my God that is so ugly. I love it!' (even though I don't think it's that ugly :P). It was funny hahahaha and I had it on, and we both slowly fell in love with it. I feel like a cave woman in it, and I'm totally down with that haha! Now because of the whole stock thing, I new it wouldn't be at home so I thought 'f this' and bought it so that I could decide later (I was also dreading what Mum would say. She was going to have a heart attack). It was £25, and honestly I was expecting it to be in the £30's so I was pleased, and I've decided to keep it because I love wrapping myself up in it. Also, Mum kinda likes it, to my surprise! I'm going to put a hook and eye on it about 3/4 of the way down to keep it on me.
I've had the shirt for nearly a month now but haven't been able to show you yet, but I really like it. I got the black one a while ago and I now have the same shirt in teal, this beige (it looks white but it's not) and I'm aiming for this rust one. I must say I've just fallen in love with it, I can wear it with everything! I'm going to have so many of these shirts, and they're only £12.99! Personally I think they look better than the Topshop ones :P
Lastly we have the jeans. I talked about wanting the jeans here but not being able to find my size. Thank god lakeside had tons of them! I absolutely love them to death, they're just such a lovely colour! And for £12 they're worth it. I find that Primark jeans are actually really good, as in they don't rip or anything, in fact I think the denim feels quite thick. I've only had one problem where I bought a pair and they went into a hole on the side seam because the fabric hadn't been caught by the sewing machine, so I just turned them inside out and went over it, and now they're perfect :) The little scarf thing you see on it comes with them as a belt, but I might use it as a head scarf.
I don't know, there's something about this outfit that makes me really happy. I can't quite put my finger on it haha.

- Some of you may notice that my hair is looking blonder, and that's because I had a link up done on my highlights. I'm really glad I had highlights because I really like being blonde :) I've also styled my fringe differently - I think it's going to be a little phase I go through, because styling it like this is really tough! I'm not used to it haha. Some people noticed that it was different though and that made my day :)


  1. I really love this outfit!

  2. love the necklace and the blouse :)

  3. I love your shawl! So pretty and cute necklace :)

    Chelsea x

  4. Amazing outfit love the colour of your jeans <3

  5. your cape/shawl is amaze!
    and well done on being short-listed for the Look Show.

    J x


Thanks guys! :)