1 Aug 2011

North Wield Market

All of the above - North Wield Market

- Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted, I was planning to do an outfit post on Friday but in the end I slept for most of the day, and did the same yesterday, and today. In doing so, I managed to miss what was apparently really lovely, sunny, hot weather. Karma :'(
Either way, yesterday morning me Mum and Dad went to North Wield Market near Harlow. We used to go quite often, but this is the first time in a few years. The market has changed a lot, it used to be all Beanie Babies, pokemon cards and phone cases, now they've been replaced with clothes and jewellery. I don't mind though, that's what I like these days! A lot of the shops were selling the clothes you get in your local market, or topshop/river island ect. things. Most of the stuff was old stock/been the the recent sales, but they were still cool. The three head band/scarves you see above are from one of these stalls. I don't know exactly where each one comes from, but they were three for £5 so I got them. I've wanted to get one of those headbands with a bow for a while, just to try them out, and I keep stocking up on headscarves because I think I'm obsessed with them haha.
The necklace was something I really liked, as I've been after a statement, short silver necklace for a while. There were loads on the particular stall (this one wasn't topshop ect. stuff though) but this one really caught my eye. I tried it on, but unfortunately it doesn't sit flat because my neck isn't large enough/there are too many plates on the top row. I tried to find a different necklace instead but none of them matched up to this one, so I git it anyway and I'm going to try taking a plate out from each side.
I also bought a new tube of  Maybelline Colossal Volume Express 100% Black mascara (which I did a review on here) as it was going for £5 and it retails at £7.19

- If it's a nice day tomorrow I will try and do an outfit post of some stuff I bought from Lakeside (I went to Lakeside for about 12 hours last Thursday. I spent so much money! :'( ), but I'm working till 4 so I need it to be light still when I get back, fingers crossed! As always, I have another busy week coming up, and then this Sunday I leave at 6am to get a coach up to Scotland for five days!

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