2 Feb 2011

Makeup Review: Maybelline Colossal Volume Express 100% Black Mascara

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express 100% Black Mascara - £7.19
When reading this review, please bare in mind that I naturally have very long lashes, thus I don't usually buy products that help with length but mainly to make them look black and fuller.

I have had this mascara for years now. I think I maybe got it for christmas 2 years ago? Maybe 3.... Basically, it's one of two mascaras I've used in my lifetime. I don't like to buy mascaras because you can't test them and they're a lot of money, so I stick to this one because it works nicely.
Ok so we know that maybelline have loads of different mascaras. I find the amount confusing! I think this particular one (100% black) might be a bit harder to come by now as they're pushing their 'falsies' product (which I hate the ad for! Her eyes look stupid!). Another problem is that all their mascaras look the same (same shaped bottle and colour) so when looking through this brand you might get easily confused.

Ok so here is how the mascara works for me! Remember, I don't care much for length, but I really like how it makes my lashes look far darker. Here I only used one coat, but if you let it dry and then apply more coats you can get a much fuller effect.
It isn't a very thick gloopy product so it's not extremely likely to stick your lashes together, but it can sometimes be bitty and leave small pieces on your lashes which you need to comb through with the brush.

The only downside I see to this product is that after a while I find it runs a bit down to my under eyes. All I need to do is simply wipe it away, but then this means you wipe away any makeup on your under eyes too. However, I've found this happens with the waterproof version too, even though that lasted crazy dancing in the rain at V Festival, so I'm not quite sure why that happens.

The mascara lasts really well and you only really need one application, and as for product life, it lasts a long time because I've used mine every day since I bought it. It could be near the end though, but for the price I'm quite happy with how long it's lasted.

Many people complain that their mascara gives them 'spider leg' lashes, and sometimes this mascara can do that, but there's a very simple way to stop it. Simply take a makeup wipe or something to that extent, take the mascara brush and wipe off all the excess product. Pop it back in the tube and use as normal! You only need to do it once every few months, and it works really well for me! I don't know why or how but it does. 

Does What It Should: * * * *
Staying Power: * * * *
Product Life: * * * * *
Price: * * * * *


  1. They really look extremely longer! My sisters uses the same one haha!


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