31 Jan 2011

Hand Made Bags and Nasty Blogging

- So remember I told you I had a make a bag for college? Well here it is! I made it faaaaar more complicated than it was supposed to be, as it was literally supposed to be one of those cheap cloth bags you can get in primark, but I didn't want to do that. Now I think I should have though, because it took so much time. But, actually, my Mum helped out so much in making it, because she loves sewing (thank god!) so most of what your seeing is down to her genius. I am so glad that she helped me else this would have turned out shiiiiiiiit, and I would have thrown the sewing machine across the room (I had to sew a few bits and they DID NOT work and I got so mad so Mum had to do them because I threw a strop. Mature, I know).
It's inspired by all those satchel bags that we have been seeing for a while. Personally I love them and wanted to create something like them. The fur comes from the fur bags with different material for a flap. I like those bags.
But generally, although I'm really pleased with how it turned out, it was hell and I hardly did anything. One thing I learnt: Bleaching denim is not easy! It took 3 days of bleaching, and in the end it took roughly 2 hours+ for there to be any noticeable difference. How annoying.

- On to something a bit different. I was reading llymlrs's blog and she mentioned this post about the ugly side of blogging. I had a read of it, and it's really all pretty true, unfortunately. I guess we like to think that blogging is all kittens and unicorns (I think it is lol), but it's not. I mean, when your knew to it, and your not really that popular, I guess nothing really negative happens to you. The only 'negative' thing is that no one notices you! Haha. But, it's a lot less likely that you'll receive nasty comments when your not popular, and people won't rip off your layouts and posting styles and use your images and what not. So while in this innocent mode it's easy to not realise that blogging isn't as nice as you like to think, but it's still lots of fun! :)

- Just a heads up that I might not be able to post as much in the next week or so (or at least no outfit posts) because this is deadline week and I am FUUUUUUCKED. So yeah, I shouldn't even be posting now. Should be working. Damn.

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  1. It must have taken you ages to make that bag...you have done a great job though!


    Camilla x


Thanks guys! :)