26 Jan 2011

Makeup Review: Benefit Erase Paste

My mum bought this for me I don't even remember when. Maybe, 2 years ago now? We got snapped up by one of the Benefit people and she put loads of makeup on me. Very forceful, I don't like their sales techniques. However, this little pot is amazing. The lady managed to sell us a pot in Fair (they have 3 shades, fair, medium, deep). The amount in the pot is not very much at all, however, like I said I've owned this for about 2 years and it's no where near being finished and I use it a lot. This is also mainly because it's quite thick so you don't need to use a lot of it to get good coverage. So it may not look like it, but for the amount you get and the time it lasts, it's worth the price.
The before and after isn't demonstrated very well here, but in the before you can see I have dark circles but they're a bit worse than pictured. Also I have a few blemishes that haven't shown up. The after shows the coverage well for my dark circles and I love how well it covers them up! In fact, it's really good for concealing any blemishes or areas your not happy with. I personally find it easier to apply with my fingers, because as it's a thick product it can leave streaks when applied with a brush.
I have a few problems though. Firstly, the product is greasy to the touch, and can look greasy whilst on so usually I cover it with powder and I try not to touch it whilst on my face because I don't like the feeling.
Secondly, it has a slight pink hue to it that doesn't match my skin exactly but I can get away with it.
But on the plus side, this product has great staying power. It's not one to run off your face, though if you put it in creases it will work it's way into them and highlight them! But I think that's the case with lots of makeup.
Another great thing about this product is it's ability to make other makeup stay. Do you ever have that problem where you buy an amazing coloured eyeshadow, but when you put it on it's weak and doesn't show? Well Erase Paste can solve that problem! On the right is just a bright green eyeshadow I own, and on the left I put a little Erase Paste on my lid then the eyeshadow. Look how much more it shows up! Also, it increases the shadow's staying time loads.

So all in all, this product is a very good one! The price is a bit shocking for such a small pot, but it really lasts a long time and it works very well. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a strong concealer.

Does What It Should: * * * * *
Staying Power: * * * *
Product Life: * * * * *
Price: * * * *


  1. Thanks for the review, I have never come across this product before, but i can see that it works well


  2. looks like it works well! i love that colour eyeshadow!

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Thanks guys! :)