25 Jan 2011

Spotted Nerd Glasses

- I went to Primark in Basildon again on Sunday. I needed to go to try and get some cheap basic tops to practice some college work. I didn't want to spend much so there was perfect! I also wanted some cheap white plimps to use for a costume I'm going to be doing for a party. I wanted a vest top for this party too but I couldn't find one I liked anywhere in Basildon :(
I also needed to go because I wanted to take back a cardigan I had bought a while ago. Sounds cheap but the cardi was £11, money worth trying to get back, but as I didn't have the receipt I needed to exchange. I also wanted to see if I could try and take back a packet of underwear. I had bought 2 packs, opened 1 and tried them on and they were far too big, but they wouldn't let me return the other pack, but it's understandable. I'll just get mum to put them in the tumble drier until they fit haha.
So to make up the £11 I got 2 basic t-shirts, a pair of white pumps, a belt (for college work), a replacement pair of boots for the ones I already have (they got scuffed from work so they started letting water in :'( ) but they were reduced price so it was ok, and these spotted nerd sunglasses pictured! I've wanted a pair of nerd glasses for ages because when I see them on people, I think they look cool, but I wanted them in sunglasses so I didn't look like a dick haha. These ones are quite small too so they are better sized to my face.

- I've been thinking about doing reviews of a large part of my makeup collection, mainly the things that I use the most. What I'll probably do is take before and after photos to show you how well they work for me (because obviously makeup works differently for different people). I'm thinking of this because I was reading a thread on the LB forum called 'Makeup Fails' or something like that, and I noticed maybelline mascara come up quite a lot, and that's the make I use and I don't have problems, so I thought maybe I should do some reviews across the board. I'll probably only be able to do this over the weekend and my days off college because I'm always late to college so no time to do anything. I stay in bed as long as possible haha.
So yeah I'll try and start that up soon for you guys :)

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  1. stunners ornnnnnnn!!!
    hahaha great sunglasses chick!!

    :) X


Thanks guys! :)