4 Feb 2011

January's Loved Looks

I've seen a few other people do this on their blogs so I thought it would be nice to also share with you my fave looks from January. They're all from LookBook, and I would link to each person but LB is so slow for me!
So I'm going to link you to my LB faves instead where you can find all these looks and more :)

 Check out my LookBook Faves to find them all!
There's a bit of a mix here, but the main trends are Rust Colours, Jumpers with Tights and Headbands.
I've been inspired by a few of these (my topshop dress is in there twice!) and I just love what the people on LB bring :)

If you haven't already, you should get an account!

Also, hopefully I'll start updating (and outfit posting!) mid next week. I managed to get a few more extensions on my work so I have this weekend and my two days off. Hopefully I can get it all done!


  1. You picked out some lovely outfits! x

  2. loving all these looks xxxx

  3. these looks are fantastic, so much inspiration

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. Ohh Lovely outfits! I love the shabby/rockish "i dont give a damn" style! :)


Thanks guys! :)