10 Feb 2011

Under These Tights I Hold A Secret

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger (via charity shop)
Belt: River Island
Skirt: H&M
Bag: Primark

- Hello! It's been a while since I posted a look, and I got the house to myself for 45mins today so I quickly rushed outside and took some photos! Of course I shouldn't be, because I'm still in the shit with all my work. In fact I shouldn't be posting this now, but oh well.
The shirt is a funny story really. I was going to a Lord of the Rings party and there was a dressing up competition, so I decided to be a male hobbit. Yup, male. I bought fur from the market and stuck it to my chest, chin and feet haha. I went to charity shops for 'manly' clothes and got this shirt and some brown trousers. I had no clue about the label - never heard of it before - but it was only today that a friend made a comment about it. And in all honestly, it's not a bad shirt really.
I also get lots of comments about my skirt; many people seem to like it. I don't wear it much though because I don't feel it goes with much, and I'm not really in a skirt phase at them moment. Shame really.
The bag is from Primark's new range! I went to lakeside the other day and I got a few things in there, I'll do a post on it soon, but yeah I saw this bag and loved it :)

- When taking photos for an outfit post, I hate doing it when people are around. Like I said earlier, I took these photos when I had a free house even though they were outside. I don't like the idea that my parents would start watching me.... My neighbours must think I'm crazy! I don't like the idea of them watching me either.... thing is though, the photos outside look a lot better than the ones inside. Another problem is that it's so cold out!
Do you mind people being about when you take your own photos? Or do you feel comfortable enough to get someone else to do them for you?

- Finally I'd like to say a big hello to my new followers! Thanks for taking the time, it means a lot :)


  1. Heeey! Hope you are well!

    I have awarded you 'The Stylish Blogger Award' i could not find an email address for you...Please check out my blog for more about it!...Congrats x

  2. gosh your skirt is divine!im new to your blog and im really liking your style. im your new follower.

  3. love this outfit! you look gorgeous

  4. Such a nice outfit! :) Love the skirt


Thanks guys! :)