22 Jul 2011

Contrast and Colour

Shirt - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
Wedges - Miss Selfridge

- Hey guys! Sorry I missed my post on Wednesday. To put it simply, I had a non stop day: Got up at 7, went straight out and didn't get home until 3am on Thursday. But anyway, after reading Tori's post I signed up to Polyvore. I haven't been on it very long, and I haven't really made an effort to explore the site much, but from what I've gathered it basically lets you put together outfits. Getting images of clothes I liked was hard for making this outfit so I mainly have to use Topshop and Miss Selfridge even though I'd prefer to use cheaper highstreet shops. But oh well.
I really like the shirt and if I can find a cheaper one somewhere I will want to buy it. I know that you can get the jeans from Primark for £12 and I'm waiting till I can find my size. The shoes, well, you can find these kind of black wedges everywhere these days :) And the lippie could be any red lipstick! If I was after one, I'd walk straight to all the Barry M products.
But yeah I'll probably make a few more of these in the future so be warned!

- I went to see the new Harry Potter film yesterday, and I loved it! But it was so difficult not to cry, especially with Snape. I love that guy so much! My only negative for the film was that it was so rushed, seriously everything happened to quickly. I'd read that there were a few awesome fights between different characters and I was really looking forward to watching them, but I think the longest was about 20 seconds? This is obviously excluding Harry and Voldemort. But on that front I was very disappointed, it would have been better if the film was about 3 hours. Have any of you guys seen it? What did you think?

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