18 Jul 2011

A Happy Camper in a Luxury Suit

 Silky shirt - Marks and Spencer (via charity shop)
Paper Bag Shorts - Miss Selfridge (sale)
Leggings - H&M
Both Necklaces - New Look (sale)

- Hey guys! I come baring an outfit post :) Now, I personally think this outfit (white shirt/top + tan shorts) has been done to death, but I love it so much! Seriously, I love every white shirt/tan shorts combo I see (I featured Sophie wearing it in my May Faves post) and before yesterday I couldn't do it because I didn't have a nice white shirt (well, one that wasn't businessy). But I went to Basildon yesterday with Mum and Dad, and for the first time I had a look in two charity shops there and I was really surprised that they had some really nice stuff! Mainly because Basildon is refereed to Basildump, so I expected a lot of tat in it's charity shops. But I came across this shirt, a lovely silky off white one from M&S. Mum doesn't think it's ever been worn and it was only £4.30. I thought it was perfect and bought it up as quickly as possible. I also bought something else from another charity shop that I'll show you another time, but in this other one there was this Jane Norman dress just staring at me. I knew that it rrp'd at about £40 and it was £6! So I tried it on, willing it to look good on me but unfortunately I thought it looked better on the hanger, so I left it :'(
I got the shorts in a small sale Miss Selfridge had before sale season started for £17 from £32 which is good, but still a lot. They were on a size 6 hanger and I stupidly didn't check the actual size, so once I'd bought them I saw they were a size 10. They're a bit big, but as I can tie them up it's not too bad. I got both necklaces recently at New Look and I'm really pleased with them! Only a couple of pounds each :) The owls are so cute!

- I've recently bought so much stuff. Seriously, I must have spent over £100 or something stupid in the last few weeks. I really want to show you all, and usually I would do a post like my last with stuff layed on my bed or hanging up, but because I've bought so much I'd either have to do one massive, photo heavy, computer lagging post of it all, or do loads of smaller posts. I don't like either of those options, so I'm going to slowly try and show you all through outfits posts. I don't do nearly as many outfit posts as I'd like to so although this way will be slower, I like it a lot more :)

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  1. Aren't you are a absolute stunner! loving the blog!


  2. Love the outfit! I only wish those tights were sheer. But it's lovely. Cute blog.

    <3 Deanna


  3. You are so beautiful! I follow :)

  4. cute outfit! i love the color of the shorts :)hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! I am also hosting a great giveaway, super easy! XO

  5. i have that owl necklace! Love those shorts!xx

  6. Fab outfit! :) love the shorts! x

  7. love the top. I wish i could wear a top like that beautifully like yours lol. oh anyway, i got the same problem. i buy too many stuff lately :(

  8. Stunning outfit :) Your blog is really lovely x



Thanks guys! :)