24 Jul 2011

B-B-B-Boots and Boys

 - Hey guys! Today is Sunday which means it's bootfair day! I don't get to go very often, but I love it when Mum and Dad take me. We usually go to one called the Lazy Bones Bootfair in Rettondon which is basically a bootfair that opens at 10am instead of 7am. The thing with bootfairs is you can have really good days and really bad days. Today would be considered a bad day even though I managed to buy two things, mainly because there were so many stalls with clothes and stuff that were actually alright and yet I only got two things. It was partly my fault because I didn't have a good look through everything but by the time we got to the end everyone was packing up anyway so I couldn't have taken any longer.

The grey cardigan was something I spotted on one of the first stalls I walked past. I looked at it, um'd and arr'd then decided to leave it and continued round the bootfair. After thinking about it the rest of the way round, I told Mum I wanted to look at it again as we were walking back to the car, and just as I got to the stall the lady was putting it away. It was only £1 so I thought 'Stuff it' and bought it. It's from New Look, but way back when their logo was a womans face with flowing hair. It's so old that even google doesn't seem to have any pictures!
The top was something that caught my eye because of the tassels. For ages I've been meaning to DIY a top with dip dyed tassels like this one but much longer. It's from Peacocks and still had the tag in, and I got it for £1 as well.
I'm hoping to go to another bootfair, maybe the same one, next Sunday. They're too fun!


  1. I went to a bootfair today as well, was pretty unsuccessful for me! Also I wish all bootfairs were 'Lazy Bones' ones!

  2. That fringed top is great! Great find!

  3. I love the fringed vest!! :)

    And thankyou for the lovely coment on my blog!

    Chelsea x

  4. wow that fringed top is so nice and what an absolute bargain at £1!

    Rianna xxxx


Thanks guys! :)