4 Sep 2011

Stuff I Love But Can't Afford

4. Topshop Allegra Boots

- Hey guys! I thought I'd compile a list of a few things I've been lusting over recently. Notice there's a lot of jumpers/warm things, that's because I've recently become obsessed with them! I know the weather has been really warm over the past few days, but I know it's short lived and the cold is going to come back very soon!

1. So this New Look cardi is basically what I've been looking for in a cardi recently. It's cable knit (or along those lines anyway), big and chunky and through finding a large I know that it doesn't make me itch! However, said large was the only one I ever found anywhere. It's now out of stock, and I didn't get that large because it was way too big! I know Topshop do one that's pretty much exactly the same but I've tried that one on too and it makes me itch :( I'm guessing it wasn't mean to be!

2. This eye shadow palette was something I spotted on a blog a while ago (sorry I can't remember what blog!) and they gave it quite a good review, saying that even though it's really cheap it has good staying power and pigment. Over the past year I've become really boring with my eye makeup, I usually only wear mascara and sometimes eyeliner, and I want to get back into wearing colours! I think having a massive palette like this would help spur me on, because they're all in one place and I can see everything I have right away. Once I've got over my money troubles I'll probably buy it.

3. This jumper was something I spotted on the New Look website the other day and OMG I love it! Just the mix of greys and the big baggy-ness and wow. Shame it's so much money! Why is everything in New Look over £20 these days? I remember when it was more like £15.... I know I sound super cheap but hell, I hate spending lots of money on one item! (£20 is a lot to me). Again, when I have more money and if it turns up in my local I might nab it :)

4. Oh dear, the Topshop Allegra boots. Obviously I haven't linked it because it's no longer on the website as they're out of stock. However, I have some good news! I found them in my local shop and asked if they had a size 3, of course they didn't. The girl offered to order a pair in from the warehouse, but there weren't any available there either. She then checked and told me that 210 pairs of size 3's were coming into stock next week, so I'm going to check in as often as possible next week to order my size! So yeah, heads up to any of you that didn't get to buy them last time, they're coming back! Pretty excited to try them on in my size :)

5. THE FUR COAT! Some of you may remember my post on faux fur coats, and I mentioned that this was my fave. Now, the S is a bit too big on me, but I've honestly fallen so hard for it that I don't care. I WANT IT! Every time I go into town I go into my local and rekindle my love and desire to buy it. Mum wants me to wait to see what else comes out in town, and it's also £89 so I have to save for it. However, I'm really scared it's going to go out of stock within a month what with all my recent bad luck with New Look. I know I should wait, but I don't want to loose it. DILEMMA! :'(

6. Finally, another New Look jumper (New Look, why do you take all my money?!). This one is actually in my local (I've said that a lot today) and I really like it. I haven't tried it on, but a friend did and it looked good on her. Again, I need more money! I like that fact that you can do the whole one shoulder thing with it (my friend did it when trying it on), and it's brown and I love brown.

I've mentioned a few times that I would get these things if I had more money. You see, I've fallen on hard times. My car recently failed it's MOT, and quite a few problems have come to light because of it. It needed some work to pass the MOT, but I was issued an Advisory Notice that it needs yet more work. So of course that's adding up. I also have my car insurance to pay this week, and my road tax at the end of the month. I'm also going to be forking out for train fairs for the next 2 years starting this week and I'm going to London tomorrow(today)! Really bad timing. This week has been pretty unlucky so I'm really hoping that things start to turn around soon.


  1. Actually sooo happy the Allegra boots are coming back, wooooo! Gutted i couldn't buy a pair lol!

  2. I love those boots so much!!

    Chelsea x

  3. Ahhh the fur coat is gorgeous! I don't think I could quite pull it off! Great choices.



Thanks guys! :)