5 Sep 2011

London Markets :)

Navy Top - New Look (via Petticoat Lane)
Striped Cardigan - Topshop (via Petticoat Lane)
Camera Print T-Shirt - Stall at Camden Market
(FAKE) Fox Tail - Stall at Spitalfields Market

- Hey guys! If you follow my twitter you will know that I went to London yesterday. The original plan was to just go to Camden Market, but we ended up going to Petticoat Lane first to see what that was all about. I'd only heard of the name, but didn't know what kind of stuff was sold there. I was slightly disappointed that it was all highstreet shops old stock because to me, the name implied something a bit more creative. Oh well, there were lots of cool clothes to be bought! I resisted most due to current lack of money, but bought the navy New Look button down shirt (to boost my collection back up to 3) and the Topshop striped cardi. They were both quite cheap being under £10 :)

On the way back to Liverpool Street station we came across another market, Spitalfields! I had never heard of this one before but was told it was a lot more crafty, so we went in! All the stalls were really wonderful! Loads and loads of hand made stuff that was all very interesting. My friend bought a bicycle print t-shirt which I now wish I had bought too because it was really cute! This is were I found the fox tail. Don't worry animal lovers, it's not real! I'm planning on adding a clip to it to attach to my bags. I've seen fox tails being worn by others and I really like how they look :) This one was sold on a stall with real rabbit fur pelts which were lovely to stroke! Just so you know, I don't like to get myself involved in the real fur debate, mainly because I don't know anything about the trade it's self, and I don't want to. This is because only the bad side of it is publicised so everyone is lead to believe that that is how the trade is, when I'm sure there are many out there that practice the trade in a fair and humane way. Don't get me wrong, I know there are lots of cruel people out there, but I've been on the bad side of publicity myself due to one person's wrong doings so I know not to judge. 

After this we headed to Camden. Annoyingly a lot of the tube lines were closed but we managed to get there in the end. I'd never been there before and was shocked at how big the place was! There were so many cool stalls selling original t-shirts and pretty necklaces. I really enjoyed looking around at everything and there was so much I wanted to buy! At the end of the day me and my friend were at this stall that sold original print and hand made t-shirts that were really cool. I spotted the camera print one and fell in love. I was trying to be careful with my money, but I thought to myself 'I'm about to start a photography course, I think I can allow myself to buy this!' and did :) I'm really glad because I love it! It's a bit see through but that's nothing a nude bra can't fix haha.

So all in all the day went quite well :) I know I'll be making a trip back to Camden in about a month's time so I can explore more, and hopefully I'll have more funds buy then! Fingers crossed.


  1. The markets are one of the reasons that I LOVE London soooo much! x

  2. I love Camden and Spitalfields! I never seem to have enough time to browse the whole market when I'm down in London, too much to look at!
    These are great finds! I love the camera t-shirt xoxo

  3. Love that camera print top! I've only been to Camden once but I loved it! x

  4. I am going to head to some markets when I'm in London soon. My friend who lives in London is always telling me to get a stall but I am far too scared! I'm going to check it out and then hopefully, one day you will see a tempsec stall pop up somewhere! x

  5. i love all the bargains you stole from london! i can see the fox tail adding a bit of omph to a bag - great idea! your post makes me want to plan a trip to london ASAP xxxx

  6. I really want to get myself down to the london markets, especially Camden!
    love the camera top X


Thanks guys! :)