7 Sep 2011

Wednesday Waffling 16 (Religious Symbols in Fashion)

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- Hey guys! Today I've got a bit of a themed post for my Wednesday Waffling. I want to talk about religious symbols used in fashion, likes crosses and such. The debate is out there about whether these symbols should be used in fashion, especially if the people wearing them don't support the religion.
Personally, I think it's a bit of a difficult subject. I completely understand the point behind 'If you don't support/follow the religion you shouldn't be wearing it's symbols especially for fashion' as I can' understand that many could find it offensive for something that is so important to them to be mass produced and sold as an accessory or something. 
However there's also the argument that everyone has the right to wear what they want and that they're not doing any harm by wearing the symbols.
The one that is used the most is the cross - especially in the last 6 months - on necklaces, rings, t-shirts, shorts. You name it, it's got a cross on it. I personally think that wearing such things to 'make a statement' is a bit disrespectful, because if that is your reason for wearing it your taking the meaning of the cross into complete disregard. If you happened to like that top with the big cross on it, then that's fair enough but if someone wears it to make a statement (I'm talking about if they're not Christian here) then that's like sticking your middle finger up to Christians and saying 'this symbol is really important to you and your beliefs, but I'm going to use it to make me look fashionable'. I do think though that many people wear cross items simply because they like the look of them, which really isn't doing any harm. I'm not a Christian, so I can't comment from that point of view but I could understand if a Christian found it offensive.

What do you guys think about this? Do you wear religious symbols? I'm am talking only about those wearing said symbols as a fashion, not those wearing them due to beliefs and such. Also, I'm not bashing people that do wear them for fashion! I'm just putting the possible arguments out there.

Personally, I don't wear crosses, but that's mainly because I had a freaky experience were when I was younger. I tried wearing a simple cross necklace (I went to a church school so I thought maybe I should wear something like it) all the time, including at night, but whilst I had it on I had horrible nightmares about death and the dead. They only stopped once I took it off. Seriously creepy, so I refuse to wear crosses now, if only to preserve my sanity. I don't think I'm a devil child, nothing as creepy has happened since :(
 But anyway, I want to hear what you think :)


  1. Great subject, and a hard one for 'inbetween people'
    I'm not a christian, but I wouldn't like to offend any, and I don't know what's 'out there' so to say it's all crap is not something I believe in either.
    There is always going to be something that people don't like, that they take offense to, or that they disagree with.
    Fashion has always tried to push it further & futher, and to be honest- it works! The cross rings are huge, and the UO cross tshirt was sold out for ages.
    I don't think any one would wear it in a bad way, or I hope they wouldn't. But the cross is a lovely symbol, and obv having it in the lime light, makes me people look at it & want it


  2. I am wearing a cross ring right now and I often get asked if I am religious. When I wear it, I see it as just a shape that I like the look of and not as a religious statement. I completely understand that some people may find it offensive, because religion is deeply important to many people.

  3. I own that UO top and i wear it simply because ii think it looks nice. I don't think about religion. Even though I am Christian, I have grown up and decided what I believe in. I don't believe in God or anything, however I am agnostic as I believe in life after death and am very spiritual. I think people should be allowed to wear what they want without being judged.

  4. I absolutely love things with crosses on, but I totally agree with you, it's a weird 'trend' isnt it?

    I do feel like a bit of a fraud if i wear my cross ring or tshirt, as im not a massive fa of religion.

    i think crosses is a definite 'hipster' trend, if that makes sense? i feel its more a sign of a hipster than a christian

  5. Hey hun!
    Just checked out your blog and love it, especially the outfit posts.

    Was great seeing you yesterday - we have to do it again soon!


  6. I wear religious symbols but I'm an atheist. Hypocritical maybe but I just like the design.

    Was lovely seeing you yesterday and love the blog. I've added you to Bloglovin so i'll be back alot :)

  7. Hi thank you for writing this blog,
    You have made a lot of sense out of it to make people understand fom different point of views.

    I am a Christian and I wear and have been wearing a necklace with a cross for years but it is for me and my protection so I put it under my shirt/jumper and don't show it off because it is for me personally.
    The cross symbolises Jesus's sacrifice and i think if it wasn't for the whole world knowing that he died on the cross it wouldn't be "just a shape".

    Now I understand that people will say "i just see it as a shape" but now that fashion designers are using other religious symbols for their clothes and jewellery piece to be a trend in high street shops it is obvious that they have used the cross from a selection of religious symbols and not "just a shape".

    Each symbol has a meaning to each religion and I think it should not be worn as a fashion item or sold to make profit just like you wouldn't wear a t-shirt that represented gay people if you wasn't gay but there's a meaning behind it for gay people!!

    All religions and beliefs should be respected just like we all should respect those who are gay!!

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Thanks guys! :)