1 Sep 2011

She's a Business Woman, Don't Mess.

Blazer - H&M
Blouse - Marks and Spencer (via charity shop)
Skirt - New Look
Necklace - Accessorize
Sunglasses - No clue (purchased at V Fest)
Nails - Marks and Spencer's own in Aubergine
Lipstick - Marks and Spencer's own in Chillie

- Hey guys! I'm bringing you another outfit post showing you what I wore today :) I had a bit of a crap morning because my car failed it's MOT so again I wanted to get out of the house, go to town and have a good old nose around with my Mum. We went and had some drinks in the M&S cafe (I love you staff discount) and then wondered round town. I got a skirt from H&M in the sale for £3, some nail varnishes from No.7 and Revlon, discovered the Allegra boots and worshiped the shrine of the fur coat (which I really want to buy but Mum is telling me to wait until more styles come out just in case, plus it's £89 :'( ). I felt like dressing up a bit and making an effort, so this is what I wore! My trusty blazer again, the new look skirt again and my lovely charity shop find blouse :) The necklace is a recent buy - I saw it aaaaages ago when there were loads, went back a week ago and this was the last one. Lucky! I'm in love with my sunglasses as I'd been after a pair like this for ages for a reasonable price and I found some at V Fest for £4.50, nice!
Finally I added some red lippie and put my hair up in a bun because it was gross, but I actually really like having it up like this! Expect to see it a lot more often.
The nail varnish I'm wearing is the other one I bought from M&S. I took off the Deep Kingfisher last night and it was crazy! It had stained my nails blue (because I never use a base coat) and whilst removing it, it spread everywhere and stained my skin too. So, I'm trying this one out (with a base coat) and seeing what happens when I take it off. If it goes crazy again I won't buy any more cheap M&S nail varnishes, which sucks because they have awesome colours :(

- Tomorrow I'm meeting a friend for lunch and will probably wonder around town (again!). After that I've got work and then going straight to a party. Very busy! So whether I can fit a post in, we will see. I'm then round the boyfriend's all day Saturday, then a trip to Camden/London in general on Sunday! Woooo! 
Also, just a heads up but I received some Crazy Angel products today so I'll probably be telling you about them soon :) Looking forward to getting a bit of a healthy glow!


  1. The colour of that skirt is lovely, definitely going to have a browse for it in New Look!
    Love the bun as well, very sophisticated!

  2. WOW! You look gorgeous, this is such a pretty outfit - possibly the best one i've seen all week! <3

  3. i love your skirt, its just amazinngggg, your blog is soo lovely by the ways, i will be visiting it again very soon :)


  4. Loving this outfit, you look fierce! Really love the blazer especially.

  5. your outfit is perfect! <3 especially your hair!


  6. Beautiful! I love your necklace :)

    Chelsea x

  7. ahem... there is a thing called a corrector pencil for wiping off the outline of your finger nails once you are finished! just a friendly tip... you look great! :D


Thanks guys! :)