31 Aug 2011

Wednesday Waffling 15 (Deep Thinking)

- Hey guys! Not much happening today, I did a test drive to my sister's in Southend for when I'll hopefully spend some time there for college. Then I went into town with my Mum for a quick snoop around and bought a couple of things that I'll show you soon :) I was going to do an outfit post when I got home but it was cold so I just wanted to snuggle up somewhere warm haha. However it appears I might be going out drinking tonight, brrrrr!

- So yesterday the final five Look Show bloggers were announced, and I'm not going to lie, I was really disappointed not to be a part of them. It's probably because there was so much hype around it and I was so close and ahhhhh no. Haha :P But I really am very grateful to have made it to the shortlist! However, this experience has taught me something, that good things only last so long and that you should really make the most of them because you don't know when they'll be over. And what am I going to do now with my blog? What's the next step for me to take? I'm going to enter again next year, but I'll feel like those people who keep entering X Factor every year after they get turned down haha! But I appreciate the boost the competition has given me, and I've found some cool new blogs along the way, as well as gained a few new followers (hi guys!! : D)
So, congratulations to Sarah, Cassi, Fritha, Sarah and Jade and Tara! If you haven't already you should head on over to their blogs, they're awesome :)

- I've recently re-taken up knitting, and I'm trying to knit a simple scarf, but I've re-started it about 10 times now. I went through a day or so of 'I can't do this!' then calmed down and tried again haha. I think once it's a few inches long it'll get a bit easier. fingers crossed! :)


  1. Ah hard luck not getting through, well done on getting so far though! I found your blog through it all :)

  2. Fantastic!!!!;D


  3. oooh i took up knitting once i was always starting things but never had the patience to finish x


Thanks guys! :)