29 Aug 2011

Polka-dot Perfect

Cardigan - Primark
Skirt (worn as dress) - Marks & Spencer (sale)
Necklace - Marks & Spencer (sale)
Belt - Primark

- Hey guys! If you follow my twitter you would have seen my tip for turning a midi skirt into a cute dress for short people (pull it up over your boobs). Well, it was inspired by this skirt/dress! I saw it when it first came into stock and thought that it would make a perfect little spotty dress for me, even though it's supposed to be a skirt. I promptly forgot about it until it appeared in the recent sale, in my size, for £7. Bargin! So I snapped it up and tried it out as a dress and I really love it! I think it looks really cute and girly, of course it needs a belt though else it looks shapeless. Please do excuse the bra straps, but because they're black I think they look alright with the dress. Do any of you guys do this kind of thing with skirts?
The cardigan is something I bought from primark (you can see it with my other lakeside buys here). I've been after a chunky cable knit cardigan for ages but I'm held back from finding the perfect one as I have to be really careful with the wool it's made from. 90% of wools/yarns make me itch so finding a cable knit cardi that doesn't is tough. This red one does make me itch a bit, but it's ok if I forget about it. I probably will be keeping it but I'm going to trial it a bit longer. It's a nice colour though!
The necklace is something I also bought in M&S's recent sale. At the time it was £3, but if there's any left in your local they will probably now be £1. I really would suggest checking out there sales because near the end, everything is stupid cheap! Many items have the original sale price still on them (the necklace was still labelled as £10) because the price goes down so often it's too much trouble to keep marking them up. So, if your not sure, go to the till and ask them to price check it for you :)

- Ok so tomorrow the 5 finalists are being announced for the Look Blogging Competition. I'm a bit  bummed because I'm working from 2pm - 10pm so I won't know until I get home (working is going to kill me because of it) but I just wanted to take this chance to wish all the other 19 bloggers good luck in getting chosen! They've all written such wonderful entries (many of which I'm quite worried about haha :P) and they all have such wonderful blogs.
So yeah, good luck guys! xxx


  1. Ooo that's a clever idea! I have never found a maxi skirt/dress that isn't ridiculously too long for me, so I unfortunately don't own any!
    You're gorgeous by the way!

    Ashleigh x

  2. Very inventive! Good luck for tomorrow lovely!

  3. i love the title of your blog and everything about it! your style is very inspiring and just down right fashionable! love it all!



    shop style conquer

  4. I love the necklace!! I might have to go check out the nottingham shop.

    Also my nails were pretty easy to do I used some nail guides (got them off ebay) there are loads of different shapes. So i just painted my nails one colour then when it was dry I put on the stickers and painted over it again :)


  5. I love your skirt-cum-dress!
    Jules @ A Bit of Jules


Thanks guys! :)