28 Aug 2011

Summer Days to a Rainy Haze

Backpack - Bootfair
Nails - M&S Deep Kingfisher

- Hey guys! Just a short post today. I went to another bootfair today (I'm addicted) in search of nothing in particular. I was telling my Mum as we were walking round how I wanted to find a real leather or a generally durable, good looking backpack that can fit all my college stuff in it, and that I had had no luck. A few stalls later I spotted this backpack laying on the floor and headed straight over. It's only been used once (well, so the lady said. I believe her though) and it's big enough to fit my A4 sketch books in and hopefully lots of food! Plus it's brown which is a bonus. I really wanted leather because of possibly getting soaked in seaside winter weather, but for only £1 I don't think I'll really care about what happens to this one. I tried researching the name on the back but found nothing. Oh well haha :)
My only other buy was a glasses case for 20p to protect my sunglasses from getting scratched.

- Next up, if any of you follow me on twitter you would know that last night I bought some nail varnishes home from work and tried one out. Now, they were only £3 each and from M&S's cheaper range so I was expecting them to need about 3 - 4 coats, but first coat and BAM. Perfect :) I was very pleasantly surprised, so much so that I want to rush out and buy loads more of these cheapo amazing polishes. Next I need to try the cheap lipstick, lip gloss and coloured eyeliner!
But seriously guys, if you want a cheap polish give the M&S ones a try :) I'll try my other one soon and let you know how that goes.

- I'll try and bring you an outfit post tomorrow before Tuesday (the big day! ;') Lol). Of course Tuesday is the day that the final 5 winners of the Look Blogging Comp are announced, but unfortunately I'm working from 2pm - 10pm so I won't know anything until I get home (I don't have internet on my phone). I'm trying not to think about it, because if I focus on it loads that always jinxes things for me haha.

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  1. try Asda for cheap nail polishes, only around £2, loads of lovely colours and they're really excellent quality! think I've got the whole set!


Thanks guys! :)