21 Aug 2011

Faux Fur Coats!

(from left - right, top - bottom)
Brown coat - Topshop
Taupe coat - Topshop
White coat - Topshop
Dark Brown coat - Miss Selfridge
Brown/White coat - Republic

(This is a scheduled post. I'm actually at V Festival right now)

- Hey guys! So recently I noticed that faux fur coats have been popping up in some shops ready for winter and I'm really excited! I don't know why but suddenly I LOVE these coats! It just seems perfect to have a big cosy fur coat to wear during winter, and so vintage! Especially as I'm going to be attending my new college at the sea side town of Southend, getting the train there with my camera, walking along the beach in my big fur coat - it just sounds so perfect! I have tried on the Topshop Taupe coat but that didn't look right, but I then found the Miss Selfridge one in Lakeside and oh my god, it was perfect! But it wasn't meant to be because they only come in S, M and L and I tried on a S and it swamped me. And not good swamped, bad swamped :( I was so upset because I loved it and they don't do it in petite :'( Maybe I'll find another one...
Anyway, after my (fashion) sob story, I thought I would gather all the faux fur coats I could find in some of our highstreet online shops. Topshop had the most, as always, but I'm hoping other shops follow suit in the next few months and bring out a few of their own because I think fur coats will be big! What do you guys think of them? Are you fans? If so do you think you'll be buying one this winter?


  1. I love faux fur coats! I have 3 now haha should probably stop buying them. I got one of them from Newlook last year so hopefully they may get some more in. Also you could try ebay for some :)

    Also my skirt was from Newlook, but it was in the sale for like £3 a while back. I think H&M have some similar ones in. I'm actually planning on doing a tutorial on a basic elastic waist skirt pretty soon as they are really easy to make!

    chelsea x

  2. Congrats on making it into our top 20! Best of luck for the final 5! x

  3. i love faux fur coats, i have a leopard one that i can't wait to start wearing again!
    congrats on beng in the top 20 :)

  4. Really love that Miss Selfridge one too! Looks so amazing, shame it didn't fit right!


Thanks guys! :)