23 Aug 2011

Top 20? Whaaaaaat?!

Look at my beautiful face!

- Hey guys! I'm back from a crazy weekend at V Festival where I saw some awesome acts! But today I'm bringing you a quick post (at 2am after a night out) to completely freak out about making the final 20 in the Look Magazine Blogging Competition! WHAAAAAAT?! I thought I'd jinxed my chances by dreaming up little scenarios at the front row (which I always do for everything) which usually crushes any chances I have of anything happening, but when the shortlist was finally released today I was rather shocked, mainly because I thought I didn't include enough stuff in my entry. After entering mine, then watching the clock go past midnight on the monday, I realised that I hadn't really talked about blogging and Look magazine in my entry. That was one massive facepalm moment, so I was really overwhelmed that people seemed to like my stop motion so much :')
I'm also a bit gobsmacked at the 489 pageviews I gained in 7 hours. I'm usually proud with 30 in a day, and I was pretty pleased with my 27 views through google, but now that looks pretty pathetic next to the massive amount from look.co.uk haha. Don't worry google, I still love you!
But yeah thank you everyone for your support! I really enjoy reading all the comments I get and appreciate all my followers (I <3 you guys :') ). I'm so thankful to make the top 20 and I really wasn't expecting it. Getting this far really has been wonderful and I'm so happy.
Please go check out all the other shortlisted blogs, they're lovely and there are some pretty damn amazing entries! Give them some love haha :) Good luck to everyone for the final 5!

- I'll try and bring you an outfit post and a little low down on V before work tomorrow, but no promises because I always like to stay in bed for as long as possible. Peace out! 

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  1. Congrats! x


  2. Hehe, I saw you made it! Congratulations! Your video was really good :)

  3. You definitely deserved to be in the top 20. Discovered your blog from the list and I love it.. :-) x

  4. Congratulations! Good luck for top 5!


Thanks guys! :)