24 Aug 2011

Pretty in Pleats

Peter Pan Collar Top - Primark
Skirt - New Look
Belt - Primark
Necklace - New Look (sale)

- Hey guys! This is what I wore out last night minus some grey tights and a cardi to protect me from the midnight cold. I bought the top and the belt on my recent Lakeside trip and I love them! Especially the top. I know people say you can't find nice stuff in Primark, but check this top out! Haha sorry, I'm just really pleased with this buy, and only £8 :) I really like peter pan collars, I think they're nice and girly and add a nice touch to an outfit. This top will be getting a lot of wear! I'm also liking quirky waist belts, they make things a bit more interesting in a subtle way ;)
The skirt is something I bought on the trip to Lakeside before the last one (confusing I know). I like skirts with black elasticated waist bands at the moment, and deep red is another fave for me so it was perfect! I love how it looks with this outfit - I think it will get a lot of wear. I'm worried about washing it though because I don't know whether the pleats will stay in or not and I'm not ironing them back in every time! Fingers crossed.
I'm also a bit worried because, do you guys remember this vest top? I fell in love with it and paired it with everything, but when Mum washed it it shrank a considerable amount. So much so that I had to take it back and there aren't anymore to be found anywhere in an 8. Actually, when I went back to Lakeside we found one in a 12 that seemed to have had the same things happen, it was so short! So I can't even get another one because it's a fault with the material. So gutted :'( Shame NewLook.com doesn't do reviews...

- So, aside from all the clothes talk, I haven't been doing much. Worked all day today, working tomorrow lunch time, same Friday and all day again saturday. Thursday I'm heading down to Southend to enroll at college and finally find out my timetable and whether I'll have to quit my job or not. I hope not, I love everyone at work :'( M&S TRAINED!


  1. Such a lovely outfit! The skirt i great, i love pleated skirts, I'm yet to buy one though!
    AndI'm glad your jewellery arrived alrigh! :)

    Chelsea x

  2. You look gorgeous here! I have eyebrow envy! The outfit is lovely. X


Thanks guys! :)