25 Aug 2011

Wednesday Waffling 14 (V Fest!)

- Hey guys! Today I'm going to tell you about my time at V Festival. There are hardly any photos of the artists because my being 5ft1 means I didn't actually 'see' many myself. I wasn't even tall enough to get good photos of them on the screens! 
But, I'll give you a list of who I saw first.

Aloe Blacc
Kids in Glass Houses
Bruno Mars
Jessie J
a bit of Chase and Status
a bit of Dizzie Rascal

the end of Wolf Gang
Emma's Imagination
The Noisettes
Eliza Doolittle
Ellie Goulding (<3)
The Saturdays
heard a bit of You Me At Six
The Script
a bit of Eminem
the end of Pendulum

My highlights had to be Ellie Goulding because I love that woman, rediscovering my love for the Lostprophets, Jessie J with her broken foot, discovering Emma's Imagination (she won Must Be The Music last year and has such an amazing voice!), and dancing like a crazy woman to Pendulum.
Kids in Glass Houses were disappointing because they didn't play any of their old songs, and Rihanna let the crowd sing most of hers. She put on a good show, but boy did she look pissed off! Eminem was the biggest flop really, so I was glad that I didn't really care that much for him, it was my friend that wanted to see him. The crowd was way too big and we stood a very long way back. Unfortunately, the speakers closest to us broke so only the base played and we couldn't hear any words at all so that was really bad. He also didn't play any old stuff for the first 30 mins so my friend got bored and we left. On the walk home, firstly we could hear that the speakers were fixed, then him doing his old stuff. Typical! Oh well.

I'm really glad I saw Ellie Goulding and that my friend let me go on his shoulders for two songs so I could actually see her (thank you!). She looked kind of grumpy though which was a bit disheartening :( Also Emma's Imagination! Only went to see her because of the name but I'm so glad I did - she has an amazing voice! Check out her youtube here, her songs are lovely.

I think I'm going to try and work at V next year as I know none of my friend will be able to afford it because of uni :( Plus I'm usually ok with just listening to the acts so I think working there would be good.
Generally the whole weekend was lots of fun and had a great atmosphere. Fingers crossed I'll work there next year!

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  1. Looks like you had a great weekend!! Jealous you got to go to V!! I love Emmas Imagination as well shes so lovely :)
    And working there sounds like fun



Thanks guys! :)