20 Aug 2011

Giddyup Baby!

Top - New Look (old stock)
Shorts - New Look (old stock)
Hat - H&M (sale)
Horse Belt - Primark

- Hey guys! This is a really last min post before I pack and sleep for V Festival! Please be aware that I'm there all weekend so no internet for me, however I've got something scheduled for Sunday :)
Anyway! This is something I wore today to quickly go to my local Hobby Craft! I got the top nearing on two years ago now, back when spending any amount on clothes was something I seriously had to think about. It's supposed to be a crop top and it's a size 6, but because I'm so short and all it looks like a big baggy batwing top haha! I don't mind though, that's in these days right? The shorts I've had for a while now, got them probably a year ago now and I love them to pieces. I wear them all the time and you guys have seen them in many of my looks :)
The hat was something I bought in the H&M sale a few months ago for £5, not bad! I just needed the confidence and the right outfit to wear it... I decided that this outfit and this short journey was a good start to tackling my hat fear haha. The problem with wearing hats is that EVERYONE looks at you. Seriously, everyone, which is really off putting for me. I mean, drawing a bit of attention is fine but everyone staring at you like your crazy is not so great.
Finally the horse belt is something I picked up at Primark in Lakeside the other day. I've seen a couple of other bloggers wear it, and I've been liking these kind of decorative waist belts recently so for £1 I got it :) I'm very pleased! I think it's a cool, subtle way to spice up an outfit.

- So yeah I'm off the V Festival in Chelmsford this weekend. I'm not camping as I'm staying at a friend's who lives down the road. I'd rather that than camp, I hate camping! So, good luck to all those who entered Look Magazine's blogging competition! I've got my fingers crossed for everyone! : D


  1. Have fun at V fest! Can't wait to hear all about it x

  2. Love this outfit! Enjoy V fest :)

  3. haha i was attracted to your blog name! its really cool! loving your blog! wanna follow each other?



  4. so cute)

  5. your blogname is adorable..
    and your blog itself has such a whimsical feel.
    i quite love it.. hahaa :)

    you are gorgeous.. i love your belt.

  6. love this outfit, the top is really cute!



Thanks guys! :)