14 Mar 2012

Wednesday Waffling 32

Hey guys! So the biggest news of the week for me is that I dip dyed my hair pink! You can't see it very well here but you can get a rough idea. It came out pretty well and I'm really pleased :) It's quite a deep pink too even though the original plan was candy pink. Now that I've done it I'm a bit worried about what work will say because I originally asked if I could dye my full head of hair two weeks ago and never heard back so.... I just did it. I don't see why coloured hair is so offencive anyway, doesn't mean I suddenly won't do my job!
But yeah, I don't know how long this will stick around, maybe a month tops. I've got another tube of colour left so we'll just have to see how it fades :)

In other news, deadlines are getting closer. I'm kind of stressed now because I haven't done nearly as much printing as I would have liked! I wish I had my own darkroom, it would be amazing. I heard there are public darkrooms though which I find crazily wonderful! I just hope there's one in my area. Also, for anyone who is interested, I've created a tumblr that will be dedicated to my photography. This means my college work and stuff, probably not pretty sparkly pictures, but give it a go!

Why do I have such wonky eyebrows? They only look straight when I tilt my head. I guess that's what a history of over-plucking does to you!

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  1. Its lovely, really want to do this to mine too!


Thanks guys! :)